We could have lost by six but what’s this weird obsession Portsmouth have with Sunderland fans?

Pompey and Sunderland fans have been having their say after Saturday’s clash. Here’s a selection of those views.

Sunday, 2nd February 2020, 6:00 pm

Fair play Pompey were deserving of the win today but what's with their weird obsession about our fans? We have the largest home and away following in the league... get over it


2-0 was a very lucky escape for Sunderland today. Could have been 6. Outclassed in every position and played off the park by Pompey. Back to winning ways next week...I hope. #SAFC


@SeanRaggett you can now release the whole #safc frontline from your pocket


'Professional' Footballer. #safc #pompey #hefellover

Pompey fans celebrate Christian Burgess' goal on his 200th appearance on Saturday Picture: Barry Zee


Not only the goal but all-round Burgess was incredible today. He was positionally excellent, made key tackles, dominant in the air, calm with the ball and is commanding #Pompey’s back four. Take a bow my MOTM @Burgey44


Phil Parkinson coming straight from the Jack Ross and Derek Adams school of a complete lack of humility when their team gets completely outplayed at Fratton Park. You love to see it #Pompey #safc


Pompey just wanted it waaaaay more than us today #safc


Imagine travelling over 300 miles with a flare in your pocket, just to throw it on the pitch after a 2-0 loss


Imagine thinking that Gooch is better than Curtis. Sunderland fans and their delusion is just pure comedy #safc #pompey


Cracking result vs #SAFC. Fortress Fratton continues to strengthen. Hope the Sunderland lad isn't seriously hurt and hope for a speedy recovery #Pompey