We lost to a bang average League One side and Barnsley keeper was fuming as he was ‘mugged off’ by Portsmouth ball boys!

Pompey and Barnsley fans have been having their say on social media after Saturday’s FA Cup clash. Here’s a selection of those tweets.

Sunday, 26th January 2020, 5:00 pm

Just back from Pompey. 12hrs driving, £100 spent, and worst @BarnsleyFC performance of season Reality check Pompey are a bang average Lge1 side and mugged us off. Embarrassed to be a Barnsley supporter today. Had their fans Laughing at us on the way back to the car. #notgoodenough


The @BarnsleyFC keeper today was mugged off and owned by the #pompey ball boys and girls today..he got angrier ever time.

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One person who is on the receiving end of criticism on a weekly basis is Kenny Jackett. Today, you simply cannot do anything but praise him. He got it right from start to finish. #Pompey are unbeaten in 2020 and that’s their 6th win in a row. Credit where it’s due. Our manager


A few reflections on yesterday’s game. Maybe resting Alex Mowatt (captain/star player) subconsciously sent out the message of ‘this game is not as important as the others’. They certainly played like that as they struggled match Pompey’s intensity and energy.

Pompey fans celebrate the 4-1 victory over Barnsley in the fourth round of the FA Cup


Certainly the best I've seen us play this season.


Sounds like superb Pompey display to knockout Barnsley but without wishing to rain on the parade, the top 3 targets this season are promotion, promotion and promotion. Worry that heavy schedule might catch up with players at crucial time ( like last year).


This isn’t even up for debate, Andy Cannon ran the game, standing ovation yet again.

Has to play every week.


Amazing, entertaining and, maybe, just a ‘tad’ unexpected Pompey 4 -2. Speechless. Wow. Just giving my old jellopy the once over, checking my AA cover and packing blankets and a shovel in preparation for ........Lincoln ! Our season finally begins



Fair play to Pompey, They deserved to win, no fight, no willingness to win, no one taking responsibility, making same mistakes every week

This board has 6 days to show whether they do care or to show to us that we're just another business opportunity like Ostend and Thun