The Portsmouth Women's striker keeping people active while the UK is on coronavirus lockdown

It's a time when exercise is proving difficult with the country on lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Monday, 30th March 2020, 12:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 1:36 pm

But part-time personal trainer Jade Widdows is doing her bit in a bid to keep people active.

The Pompey Women striker has launched her own ‘Corona-Fit’ page on various social media channels and YouTube for everyone to join in with from the comfort of their homes.

Widdows, 25, is uploading a series of short workout videos while the UK is on lockdown, giving the population the chance to build up a sweat and take minds off the current situation.

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Jade Widdows. Picture: Jordan Hampton

But the virtual sessions offer more than just opportunity to let off some steam for the Selsey-based sports and maths lecturer.

A number of the current 355 members on her 'This is Corona-Fit' Facebook page regularly attend her spin classes at Nuffield Health in Portsmouth.

And it is allowing her clients to remain in contact with others and engage in conversation during the Covid-19 epidemic.

‘I post a workout video everyday and it’s usually about 20 minutes,’ Widdows said.

Pompey Women striker Jade Widdows. Picture: Jordan Hampton

‘There are some ab ones, there are good stretch routines and foam rolling to keep people injury free.

‘It’s all for during the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown.

‘It’s incredibly important for people (to stay active).

‘It’s also an opportunity for people to use that extra time to maintain their activity or start activity because some people might have neglected their health and fitness.

‘This is an opportunity for them to actually look at their health and fitness and make 20 minutes a day for that.

‘It’s really important to maintain fitness.

‘For me, it’s the group.

‘I see these people at least twice a week, certain people who come to my fitness and spin classes.

‘It’s about that interaction and I’m a real people person.

‘For me, I really miss just seeing various people everyday. They really do make me very happy.

‘That’s also why I created the group because a lot of the people in this are used to going to the same classes.

‘It’s just mainly posting something everyday.

‘We talk about dogs and all sorts. It’s really nice because it’s getting people talking.’

Widdows is one of a number of Pompey Women players offering support however they can in this difficult time.

Royal Navy nurse Rosie McDonnell is working tirelessly on the frontline at the QA Hospital.

Meanwhile, manager Jay Sadler said 'nearly half of the squad' have signed up to the NHS volunteer scheme.

And with Widdows' mother owning a care company, she's certain to be helping out further in the weeks' to come.

‘We’ve got an incredible group,' she added.

‘Lots of people are in the NHS army.

‘My mum has got a care company so I’m sure I’ll be roped into help at some point.

‘Everyone is doing their bit, which is good.

‘I know it’s a very sad time but it’s teaching us all lessons that we need to be a bit more helpful and look after each other.

‘There’s no harm in that at all - that’s a good thing to come out of this.’

Keep an eye on the Pompey striker’s YouTube channel and Facebook page for daily fitness videos – and the chance to give them a go.