Rocha aiming to become special agent

Watch out Jerry Maguire '“ Ricardo Rocha fancies doing your job when he hangs up his boots.

Monday, 14th November 2011, 7:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:28 pm

The Pompey defender admits he has been burned by his experiences of football agents in the past.

And Rocha believes he can improve a reputation for those important – if sometimes unpopular – representatives in football.

And while the character portrayed by Tom Cruise in the popular film turned his back on the money-grabbing sharks who profit from sports stars in search of a more fulfilling life, Rocha is deadly serious as he discusses his future plans after he retires.

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So rather than screaming ‘show me the money’, Rocha genuinely wants to pass on his own experience to help future players.

Rocha said: ‘I would like to be an agent when I finish playing – but hopefully that’s not for a few years yet.

‘Agents right now are seen as the bad part of football.

‘I think agents can be a good part of football and help everything – not just think about the money.

‘If you speak to a fan about an agent they would say “they just care about money” but an agent can be an important part of football.

‘I would like to change the view that fans have about agents.

‘It has to be personal, like a friend and not just thinking about getting the best deal.

‘You have to get the best deal, but also to see if it’s the right club for the player and he will be supported there.’

The Portuguese defender revealed that a dispute with his former agent led to his delayed move back to Pompey last year – as he waited for his contract with his representative to expire to then negotiate his own deal to return to the club.

He explained: ‘I haven’t had that many agents.

‘And last time I made my own deal with Portsmouth.

‘My contract finished with my agent on August 31 and then I came to England to meet David Lampitt on September 1, and did the deal myself.

‘I didn’t think I needed one.

‘I had a few agents and sometimes I didn’t have a good experience, so I wanted to change it.’

It’s rare that ex-professionals become agents but Rocha believes he can make a difference – especially advising players from his own country who need support to make the most of their opportunity.

He said: ‘It’s always difficult for players coming from Portugal to play in England.

‘When I first came to Spurs in that January a few years ago, I thought it would be easy and I would adapt quickly.

‘It wasn’t easy at all and I was thinking I wanted to move straightaway.

‘When I came to Portsmouth it was completely different with the way that people supported me at the club.

‘Here I have everyone helping me with everything I needed.

‘I didn’t have that as much at Spurs.

‘The most important thing is the player and the club and it’s important that both of those are satisfied.

‘There are a lot of things that a good agent can help with.

‘So I think I could be useful to a player in the future.’