VAR is damaging to matchday experience

The failures of VAR in the FA Cup this season show football doesn't appear to have any kind of strategy for its introduction.

Sunday, 4th March 2018, 12:00 pm
Match referee Paul Tierney uses the Video Assistant Referee system to declare Tottenham Hotspur's Erik Lamela's goal disallowed. Picture: Adam Davy/PA

It has disrupted matches and taken away from the excitement in the ground.

So the controversy may have amused Robbie Savage and has given the media plenty to talk about.

But for supporters it really has taken away from the feeling at matches.

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Every time a goal is scored the celebrations have to be delayed.

Waiting while the referee puts his finger to his ear and checks he is able to award the goal just completely takes away from the moment.

Decisions are only supposed to be changed for clear and obvious errors yet who is deciding they are clear and obvious? Video assistant referees watching on television.

How many times do people watching a match on television disagree about what should and shouldn’t haven’t happened.

So a clear and obvious error to someone isn’t always clear and obvious to someone else.

You only need to see Erik Lamela’s goal against Rochdale which was ruled out to realise that.

Fernando Llorente supposedly committed a clear and obvious foul according to the VAR official.

Yet many people have said it wasn’t a foul at all and it looked just like two players grabbing each other in a tussle. Football certainly isn’t a non-contact sport yet.

All VAR has done is cause more controversy.

Some people have said it could be just for a manager to challenge a decision.

But then we’ll get it used for blatant penalty calls when they are simply trying to delay the kick and put the striker off.

The VAR system has just raised more problems and if it comes into the league in the form it is now it will simply cause chaos.

The matchday experience for fans is already being damaged enough with the crazy kick-off times.

Leaving the people in the ground bemused and confused while they wait to find out if they can celebrate or not is only going to add to growing frustration.