Violent between Pompey fans and rivals condemned

THESE images show how police on horseback had to break up a clash between Pompey fans and rivals.

Monday, 21st March 2016, 6:06 am
A mobile phone image of clashes between Pompey and Newport county fans

Residents have called the behaviour ‘pathetic’ and Hampshire police have warned those involved will face arrests and lengthy bans from matches.

Portsmouth FC’s chief executive Mark Catlin said the club condemned the actions of ‘a tiny minority’ of its supporters.

The footage shows horses from Thames Valley Police – part of Hampshire’s joint operations unit with TVP – wading in to break up Pompey and Newport County fans last Saturday.

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And this incident, although small, comes on the back of alleged racist incidents at Barnet and Luton matches,

The person who shot the footage, but asked not to be named, said those involved were ‘vile hooligans’.

The source said: ‘It’s unfair that we all get treated the same even if we don’t act like that. Me and my family go every week no matter whether we win or lose, but act like decent human beings.’

Several arrests were made for drink-related offences over the course of the day. None were related to the clash.

Superintendent Andy Houghton said the force worked with Pompey and only a few home games needed a ‘specific policing operation’ to minimise disorder.

He added: ‘While we recognise there have been a small number of reports of poor behaviour by some of those associated with games at Fratton Park, these are all being treated as isolated public order incidents.

With the football club seeing increased attendance, partly due to Portsmouth’s position in League Two, we will continue to work closely with PFC and it is our intention to prevent crime and disorder at games.’

Mr Catlin said increasing numbers of supporters were reporting anti-social behaviour and added: ‘The club totally condemns the actions of a mindless tiny minority of our supporters. It must be a shocking and frightening experience for anyone to have that happen outside their front door.

‘However, to put things into context around 300,000 people have gone through our turnstiles so far this season – our best numbers since we were in the Premier League. That is fantastic and overwhelmingly well-behaved support.’

‘A relatively small number of fixtures, including the Newport one, do pose a significantly higher risk of disorder outside the stadium.’