Plenty of Sparks for Sarisbury Allstars

Sarisbury Sparks Allstars
Sarisbury Sparks Allstars
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Sarisbury Sparks are making excellent progress. They have increased team numbers to three this season and have a waiting list to join the club.

In the under-13s original team Allstars and Gosport Gators Emerald played out an entertaining 14-14 draw.

Allstars took the lead in the second quarter, then Emerald responded and closed the gap to only one goal in the third. They got it to level pegging in the last.

Isabella Hirst was in inspired form for Allstars, while for Gators Amy Kensard had a great match.

Teamforce two beat Fareham Fireflys Lilac 15-7 and it was only in the final quarter Lilacs let Teamforce move away.

Oona O’Grady and Renee Ramsey were players of the match.

Fareham Fireflys White were firing on all cylinders against Sarisbury Comets and beat them 30-2.

Fareham Fireflys Teal had a good game against Jellies who dominated the first half of the game.

Teal made a comeback in the second half but Jellies had pulled away too far to catch, final score 25-12.

The under-12s Devil team are making great progress.

This tiny team has six, seven and eight-year-olds taking up some of the positions.

They are slowing the other teams down and starting to work together as a team.

The score was 21-0 to Fareham Fireflys Jade who were over the moon with their first win but the little Devils remained smiling throughout.

Chloe Blues and Charlotte Birch worked well in a defence for Devils and stopped the score increasing.

Fareham Fireflys Yellow beat Sarisbury Galaxies 23-2.

A much-closer game for Gosport Gators Jade and Team Force ended in a win for Jade 5-4.

Both clubs have young teams, giving players some valuable experience and court time.

In the under-16 age group it was the Devils Black, an under-14 team, who caught the eye as they beat Fareham Blue 26-18.

Mae Smith, a recent addition to the team is only 11-years-old, and showed great potential.

Devils Red also beat Gosport Gators Green 27-13.

Captain for Devils, Stevie Lewry said: ‘Eleanor Jones playing wing defence now, from a shooting position, has made a huge impact to the strength of our defence.

‘She’s very versatile and we are lucky to have her on the team.’

Fireflys Orange beat Fireflys Lime 35-10.

Report by Helen Dunning