'Genuine' referee error causes confusion in Hampshire One battle between US Portsmouth and Gosport & Fareham 2nds

Hampshire One rivals US Portsmouth and Gosport & Fareham 2nds are awaiting a final verdict on the outcome of their weekend league battle.

Action from US Portsmouth's controversial meeting with Gosport & Fareham 2s. Picture: Neil Marshall
Action from US Portsmouth's controversial meeting with Gosport & Fareham 2s. Picture: Neil Marshall

The game ended in confusion when USP were led to believe they had won the meeting after a 'genuine' refereeing error.

At present, Gosport 2nds have been awarded a 14-13 win after the low-scoring encounter at Burnaby Road.

However, there was major confusion at the final whistle with USP claiming they were told by the match official that converting a penalty with the final kick of the game, which they managed, would see them come out victorious.

A US Portsmouth player kicks towards the posts. Picture: Neil Marshall

What followed were strange scenes at the end of the game with US Portsmouth believing they had won following a scoring miscalculation by the referee.

Now both clubs are awaiting the outcome from the Hampshire RFU after the late controversy.

US Portsmouth team manager Joel Crook said: 'From what I can see the score has been put in with what we believe was the correct score, which was a 14-13 win to Gosport.

‘But we scored a penalty with the last kick of the game as the referee had the wrong score, which is a genuine, honest mistake. We wouldn’t have taken a penalty if we knew the right score, so that’s where the confusion comes from.

A Gosport & Fareham 2s player is stopped in his tracks. Picture: Neil Marshall

‘It was a genuine, honest mistake from the referee - we understand that happens - we were told if we scored that penalty we would have won the game.

‘We on the sidelines were aware that wasn’t the case but he told the players differently so there was a confusion there. Both sides came away feeling begrudged.

‘We’re just waiting to understand from the authorities what the next steps are, really.’

According to the updated Hampshire One table online, Gosport 2nds have been awarded the 14-13 victory.

While US Portsmouth, who entered the weekend as league leaders, have now been leapfrogged by both Fawley and Tottonians 2nds as they drop down to third.

But according to team manager Crook, the club are still awaiting official confirmation from the Hampshire RFU whether the result will stand.

The News have approached the Hampshire RFU for comment.

n Gosport & Fareham’s first-team home meeting with Alresford was called off as the visitors were unable to raise a team for the Hampshire Premier match.