Havant RFC coach: 'The challenges we face are nothing compared to those in the National Health Service’

Havant coach Will Knight, right. Picture: Neil MarshallHavant coach Will Knight, right. Picture: Neil Marshall
Havant coach Will Knight, right. Picture: Neil Marshall | JPIMedia
Will Knight accepts the RFU’s decision to suspend all rugby activities was inevitable given the coronavirus outbreak.

The sport’s governing body have imposed the ban until April 14 and Havant RFC’s senior coach believes it is the right thing to do.

All rugby activities includes all age groups and also rules out training sessions at clubs.

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It meansHavant's bid to claim the London One South title has had to be put on hold.

They currently top the table by two points from Westcombe Park with four games left to play.

The game against Horsham at Hooks Lane this Saturday is the first casualty.

Knight recognises that the country finds itself in an unprecedented situation.

He even wonders if the season will be completed.

'We are all heading into the unknown,' said Knight.

'The RFU have done the right thing.

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'If they hadn't then there would have been far too many grey areas.

'Clubs would have been left with making decisions and that would have been unfair.

'Obviously we would all love to carry on meeting together to play rugby.

'With the country heading towards a lock down, however, it suddenly becomes less important.

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'The reality is the RFU decision makes it safer for everybody.

'The wider implications need to be managed.

'If our game on Saturday had gone ahead, we would likely to have had at least 500 at the ground.

'There would have been a couple of hundred people packed into our clubhouse.

'That would have been flying in the face of government advice.'

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Knight believes the club, like everyone else in the country at a similar grassroots level, are facing a difficult time ahead.

How the season will be resolved - and even if it will be resolved - is anyone's guess.

'Potentially the season could end now,' said Knight.

'We don't know what the situation will be like after the 14th April.

'How they decide things if that is the case isn't clear.

'There has been some talk of some kind of pools panel sitting to decide results.

' All sorts of possibilities could be explored.

'There are also huge financial issues for the clubs.

'Clubs will be losing revenue.

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'All this, however, has to be seen in the context of what is happening elsewhere.

'The challenges we face are nothing compared to those in the National Health Service.

'The fact that we can't play rugby is a minor footnote.'

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