'I've got my own little bit of history now' - Mickey Parker reacts as ferocious British title showdown with Dave Thomas claims 'Toe The Line' BKB blog fight of the year honour

Mickey Parker's blockbuster British cruiserweight summer showdown with Dave Thomas has been chosen as the BKB fight of the year for 2021.

By Lewis Mason
Tuesday, 4th January 2022, 3:26 pm
Mickey Parker lets out a roar after his bruising BKB British cruiserweight title win over Dave Thomas
Mickey Parker lets out a roar after his bruising BKB British cruiserweight title win over Dave Thomas

Leigh Park bare-knuckle boxer Parker's bruising knockout title win was selected as the pick of the bouts within the sport from last year by 'Toe The Line' BKB blog panel duo of George Glinski and Paolo Lucci their streamed annual awards show.

The sensational victory saw Parker, 39, achieve a lifelong ambition of becoming a British champion after collecting the vacant cruiserweight crown at the 02 Indigo in August.

Seemingly content with his BKB achievements at that point, the tough fighter is now preparing for one last hurrah with a shot at world cruiserweight champion, Bournemouth-based, Carl Hobley in April.

And Parker says winning 'Toe The Line' BKB blog's fight of the year award has made him even more hungry to claim another title this year.

He said: ‘I’m the first one to say it takes two to tango, it’s not just me, it’s him (Dave Thomas) as well.

‘The really nice thing is in their interview (‘Toe The Line’ BKB 2021 awards) they put it up there as the top three of all-time (BKB fights).

‘It was lovely news to hear. It was a little bit of recognition, that fight is never going to go away, it’s happened.

‘Everyday on BKB they stream different fights, but I know that one will be around forever, people will still talk about it for ever. I’ve got my own little bit of history now.

‘I like being involved in wars. I said in the interview after (British cruiserweight title win), if you’re fighting at that standard you should be getting hit, you’re not walking through people at that standard. It’s why we’re in there, we want to be in these situations, it’s why I love it.’

When analysing why he had selected the ferocious Parker v Thomas BKB bout as his best of the year, 'Toe The Line' BKB blog panellist Glinski revealed: ‘It was the most emphatic moment in the history of the sport (Parker’s Thomas knockout) - I cannot think of anything like it. It was polarising, an incredible, incredible, fight, for me, it’s the top three greatest fights of all-time.’