Parsons: Committed team are Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent will relish the challenge of stepping up a level.

Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 7:30 am
Heaven Sent. From left, Naomi Uzzell, Gemma Parsons, Kath Unitt, Jane Barr, Charmaine Davey, Carly Reid, Tracy Poling, Tracey Timmons
Heaven Sent. From left, Naomi Uzzell, Gemma Parsons, Kath Unitt, Jane Barr, Charmaine Davey, Carly Reid, Tracy Poling, Tracey Timmons

Captain Gemma Parsons has been delighted with the commitment of her team.

She believes they will flourish in Portsmouth League division one and are ready for the challenge.

Parsons said: ‘This season we’ve only had a squad of eight players but everyone has been 100-per-cent committed.

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‘It’s really shown in our game play and has definitely paid off.

‘We are all looking forward to playing new teams and facing new challenges.

‘The games will be harder but we will push ourselves to the next level.’

Jane Barr and Tracy Poling are a formidable defence duo allowing the least amount of goals in during division two this season.

And Carly Reid and Charmaine Davey are super fast on court attacking and defending, working tirelessly to help stop the goals and down the other end to support the shooters to.

The wing positions are covered by Tracey Timmons and Naomi Uzzell.

And Heaven’s game play flows well as they all know how each other works on court.

Parsons and Kath Unitt have a great partnership in the shooting circle so consistency has been key this season which they hope will continue.

Heaven Sent are going strong since being formed back in 2007.

They have a committed team who love playing together and the majority of them have been team-mates or known each other for over 10 years.

The team started in division six and have worked their way up over the years.

They reached division one in the Winter 2011 to 2012 season and found themselves relegated after one season but this time after winning division two again they are more positive.

Captain Parsons praised Barr for her key contribution.

She said: ‘Myself and the girls would like to thank player Jane Barr for her many years of commitment of being our only umpire.

‘We couldn’t enter a team season after season without her support so we are very grateful to her.

‘She will be looking to do her C award this year just in case we ever find ourselves gaining another promotion.’

The team have decided to start training now they know they will be playing in division one.

They will train fortnightly at Mayfield School as team member Carly is a teacher there.

Parsons is looking forward to the new season.

She added: ‘We don’t have a sponsor so fund ourselves.

‘Last season was brilliant, we worked hard to gain promotion, only losing two games and finishing with an impressive 12-point lead, bring on division one.’