What's all the fuss about... dreadful idea - how Portsmouth fans reacted to away season ticket launch

Pompey have launched an away season ticket for next season.

Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 4:53 pm
Pompey fans away at Blackpool last season. Picture: Joe Pepler


Following consultation with the Tony Goodall Fans' Conference, the Blues have created a scheme to guarantee holders a seat on their League One travels.

It will secure supporters a place at all 23 of Pompey’s league away fixtures, plus potential play-off outings, during the 2019-20 season.

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The introduction has seemingly divided members of the Fratton faithful.

Some fans are pleased they’ll definitely have tickets for games on the road, while others are frustrated they may not be able to get to as many away matches because there will be fewer seats available.

Here's a balanced view of how supporters reacted on social media...



Geff Rogers via Facebook 

Why are people making a fuss. This away season ticket has existed for years. If people want to go to every away game and I don't then I have no complaints.


Steve Ingram 

Say 3000 sign up some grounds only give you 800 tickets so how that going to work?


Mervyn Cowdrey 

It’s an offer. If it doesn’t suit you don’t take it up. What’s the issue?


Darren Cook 

Can't commit to every single away game. Anyway if 2,500+ people apply will be no more away games at all.

Will just create empty looking away ends because people who sign up won't afford travel every game and can't sell on there ticket


Stephen Jenkins 

So if you go with all your mates how will this work when you all want to sit together?


@BradSaundersPfc via Twitter 

People who go to every game guaranteed a ticket. No brainer, keeps everyone happy.



But you have to be a home season ticket holder? What about the passionate fans that live up North that still follow them everywhere? Not a fan of this to be honest.



I got really exited then read the terms and conditions still a good idea though



Dreadful idea. Away games should be first come first served to everyone. If you want to go you’ll make an effort to get a ticket simple as that