10 great responses to Jack Whitehall's 'What should I do in Portsmouth' post

Jack WhitehallJack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall
When Jack Whitehall asked fans on social media what he should get up to during his upcoming trip to Portsmouth, he probably wasn't expecting such a big response.

The comedian is performing at the Guildhall on January 27 and 28, and due to demand has announced an extra show on the latter day.

After the announcement, Whitehall took to Twitter to ask his fans in Portsmouth how they think he should spend his extended weekend.

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He wrote: ‘Just added an extra show at the guildhall on the 28th - so I’m making a weekend of it! What should I do in Pompey!?’

Here are some of our favourite responses:

1- Josh Fitzjohn: Try and find a building that isn’t being made into student accommodation.

2- Beth Harris: Hey Jack why don’t you come over to do a short gig for the Army lads over on Thorney Island? Cheap bar and great company after!

3- Michael Tumber: Try walking from the Mountbatten Centre, along the foreshore, through foxes forest, aross the Eastern Road and along Langstone Harbour - there are some absolute stunning views to be had in the latter part along with some gorgeous wildlife!

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4- Kelly Turner Was Haines: Have a monster burger on the hill.

5- Daniella Divito: If he wants a laugh himself my friends and I will take him to Kingsley’s for a boogie!!!

6- Wendy Callear: Mary Rose Museum. Come on a Tuesday and I’ll show you round!

7- Pat Johnson: As a Soccer Aid regular it will have to be Fratton Park.

8- Kat Stedman: Come to my house and have a drink and entertain me.

9- John Fleming: Go to Southampton.

10- Shane Thomson: Find a parking space.