5 cool things to do at the Mary Rose in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard this half-term

Looking for fun things to do with the kids this half-term? Why not take them to see the Mary Rose and explore the fascinating story of this historic ship and her crew? Here are five great things to do on your visit.

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Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 4:48 pm
Mary Rose Shipwreck Explorers launches this May half-term
Mary Rose Shipwreck Explorers launches this May half-term

1 Rediscover the Mary Rose!

Recovered in 1982, the Mary Rose underwent a 34-year conservation treatment, before being fully revealed in a purpose-built museum in 2016. If you saw the raising on TV in the 80s, or on a school trip, you really need to come back and see the ship properly!


2 Meet the ship’s dog!

Of all the members of the crew, the one that gets the most attention from visitors is ‘Hatch’, the ship’s dog. Brought on board as a ratter, ‘Hatch’ was found outside the carpenter’s cabin, so he shares a case with the carpenter’s chest, where he frequently gets crowds of admirers.


3 Discover the stories of the men of the Mary Rose!

Everything we know about the men of the Mary Rose, from where they were from to how they lived, comes from what was found on the seabed. Our new exhibition reveals the lives of eight of our crew using the latest scientific techniques. If you thought you knew the Tudor Navy, think again…


4 Get to grips with history!

Try our replica longbows - would you have been strong enough to shoot 12 arrows a minute? You can also handle original objects, including timbers from the ship and even a piece of 500-year-old anchor cable – you can still smell the pitch!


5 Become a Shipwreck Explorer!

Launching this May half-term is our new activity trail, Shipwreck Explorers, which takes kids through the decks of the Mary Rose, discovering chests and uncovering the secrets of the past. Follow the map and collect the stamps to become a Shipwreck Explorer, and receive a prize at the end.


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