Are The Beatles losing their fame?

Ripples of amusement have been sweeping through the music industry this morning after it emerged Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney was turned away from a post-Grammy Awards party because he was not recognised by bouncers.

Well dressed and now aged 73, the English gentleman perhaps looked out of place when trying to enter one a club in Hollywood, but was taken aback when doorstaff denied hum admission.

He is heard on video saying: “How VIP do we gotta get?”

Fellow musicians Taylor Hawkins, from the Foo Fighters, and Beck were also turned away along with Sir Paul ans his wife Nancy Shevell on their first attempt to get in.

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The party was hosted by the rap singer Tyga at the Argyle club, one of Los Angeles’ trendiest venues.

Sir Paul, who was previously married to model Heather Mills, originally from Washington, joked “we need another hit” and left after a second attempt at persuading bouncers was refused.

Entertainment website TMZ reported that Sir Paul and his wife was later spotted at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails, where they were joined by the actor Woody Harrelson.

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