Baking hot for baking bread at festival workshops

We had a wonderful time making bread at Wakefield Festival.We had a wonderful time making bread at Wakefield Festival.
We had a wonderful time making bread at Wakefield Festival.
It was fabulous to be back home and out and about in Wakefield at the weekend. As much as I love to be away “there’s no place like home.”

There are events taking place called “A Grand Day Out” It is Wakefield’s summer festival on tour!

Every weekend through the month of August the tour visit’s 0various locations around the district.

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You can expect FREE family fun including giant inflatables, live music and workshops to get involved with.

It all kicked off in Wakefield but there are tons of things going on all over the district. I was in Wakefield on Saturday and boy oh boy was it busy.

The precinct outside the cathedral was packed, there was a beach there to enjoy plus so many other things.

I was hosting baking workshops in the Ridings, and it was a buzzing atmosphere inside too.

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You might wonder how we could bake in an environment without a single oven?

Well after careful consideration on my part I thought making bread would work well.

As most bread needs time to prove I decided that the participants could prepare the dough with me and then take the dough home and bake it there.

I chose focaccia as the recipe in question. I held three sessions with six children and an adult to help at each session. It was so much fun for all the kids.

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All the children had success and took home a fine-looking foil tray of foccacia to enjoy at home. It was an interesting process too as we were trying for a science-based workshop, and we enabled this by watching the yeast activate in a jug with warm water and a bit of sugar.

We saw the dough double in size as it proved, also the yeast continuing its work in the warmth of the plastic bag plus we could see that oil and water, or vinegar in this case do not mix.

A fabulous time was had by us all. There are more workshops planned for the first Saturday and Sunday in September, think dinosaurs!

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