Comedian Rich Hall talks about his gig ahead of Portsmouth visit

Rich Hall is rightly regarded as one of the funniest comedians to come out of the US in

recent times.

And, as he is based here most of the time, we in this country have over the past three decades been lucky enough to benefit from his wonderfully grouchy sense of humour.

Now we’re about to enjoy more of his unique, crotchety comedy, as he is setting off on a nationwide tour with his brilliant show, ‘3:10 to Humour’.

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Rich’s straight-talking and acerbic comedy leaves his targets reeling and his audiences in stitches.

He says: ‘I love being on stage.

‘I love the fact that when a live show is over, it’s gone.

‘It’s happened and it will never happen like that again. It can’t be replicated.

‘That’s a great magical moment.’

He adds: ‘In every single show, there are always two or three moments where I’m thinking, “Wow, where did that come from?”.

‘You’re constantly thinking on your feet.’

One of the many unique features of Rich’s act is that he goes out of his way to find out about the town he is playing in and then improvises a song on stage about it.

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He always goes the extra mile to tailor-make his material for that particular venue.

He says: ‘I try to tap into what is happening locally and address that musically by writing an improvised song based on the town.’

The stand-up’s other trademark is anger, and he is capable of using that to very effective comic ends.

Rich explains: ‘It is always good to articulate anger.’


3:10 To Humour Tour

New Theatre Royal

Sunday, May 7

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