It's time to wake up, say Boy Jumps Ship

It's a classic story '“ a young group of working class lads taking on the world with their anthemic rock music.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th May 2016, 6:58 am

And with their recently-released debut album Wake Up finally out, Boy Jumps Ship are seizing their opportunity as best they can.

The four-piece’s frontman Si Todd says: ‘We’ve been working hard. We’ve been on the road quite relentlessly since 2014 and trying to tour with lots of different bands.

‘We’re trying to do things the old-fashioned way and build a fanbase by playing live and trying to win people over.’

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When Si spoke with WOW247, they were mid-tour with pop-punks Patent Pending, but they’ve also supported the likes of Arcane Roots, We Are The Ocean and Maximo Park, amongst others.

But so far they’ve resisted the urge to move south and have kept their base in Newcastle.

‘And that’s the way we like it,’ says Si. ‘It’s where our roots are, but you can’t hide the fact that you need to be in a London quite a lot.

‘We’ve kind of adopted that, and we’ve played a lot of support tours there, club nights, Camden Rocks festival a couple of times, it’s always been good to us.’

And he praises the local scene which has produced other up-and-coming acts like Little Comets, Lisbon and Vant.

‘We’ve got friends who are doing well, but in terms of being a straight-up rock band we’re trying to fly the flag a little bit.

‘It’s good though, because up here you can stick out a bit more,

‘We’ll try and stay up if we can. We’d rather do it from up here, rather than move down and perhaps get a little bit lost in the machine a bit.’

When Si spoke with WOW247, their debut album was just about to be released and he says: ‘We’re very excited to get it out there, because we’re very proud of it, but we are relieved to get it out there too as it’s been in the bag for quite a while.

‘We just took our time to make sure it was right.

‘In this day and age, you only get a short window to make a real impact, so we wanted to make sure we got it right and took our time with it.

‘Whatever happens we can say we’ve put out a record that we believe in.’

However, it’s on the stage that these boys really feel at home.

That’s our bread and butter.

‘We’re all very passionate lads and we want to bring that into the live show and we feel that’s translating across now.’