Lord Mayor of Portsmouth takes part in BBC Radio One game

Lord Mayor of Portsmouth David FullerLord Mayor of Portsmouth David Fuller
Lord Mayor of Portsmouth David Fuller
ANYONE tuning in to Radio 1 yesterday evening might have heard a familiar voice on the airwaves.

The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor David Fuller, was the mystery guest on the game ‘The Mayor of Where?’ on Greg James’ programme on BBC Radio One.

The light-hearted game sees mayors from across the country quizzed about where they are.

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They have to do their best to last as long as possible before their home town is identified. Cllr Fuller was the latest mayor to take part and said he had to be prepared in order to not give Portsmouth away too easily.

Greg James Picture: BBCGreg James Picture: BBC
Greg James Picture: BBC

He told The News: ‘It was really funny and it was just a bit tongue in cheek.

‘I wasn’t nervous heading into it and, to me, it was about promoting Portsmouth, which I think I achieved. It was a great way to promote the brilliant heritage that we have got and I hope the rest of Portsmouth are pleased with me.

‘If I had have said Charles Dickens about being a famous person from here, it would have been too easy for them.

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‘That’s why I said James Callaghan and Peter Sellers, which they did not get.’

Greg James Picture: BBCGreg James Picture: BBC
Greg James Picture: BBC

Cllr Fuller lasted about 10 minutes – although not all the questions were broadcast – and was caught out when he was asked by co-presenter, Chris Smith, which the first bit of land he would hit would be if he got a boat out to sea.

‘I had to say the Isle of Wight, even though I could have said France,’ he said. ‘I’m glad that I lasted as long as I did.’

Cllr Fuller has recommended others to go on air. ‘It is a great way to publicise the city you represent if you can treat it as a light-hearted game,’ he said.


What is the most interesting stall in the local market?

Fruit and veg

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Would there be a nice sort of, water way to travel on around there? Could you do a canal trip...(is there) a lake or river? Sea?

Not canal – sea, yeah

What’s the best view in town of David... if I wanted the best view of the sea, where would I stand?

From the hill I think, overlooking the place where I am

If I was to stand on the coast, and get in a pedalo, and keep going, where would I hit?

The Isle of Wight

Would I take the ferry from the Isle of Wight where you are the mayor?


David, are you the Mayor of Portsmouth?