REVIEW: Dedication at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

If you're after a masterclass in what you can do to enthral, then Dedication is the show to watch.

From the lighting, to the sound, to the set (via the wonderfully choreographed acting talent), Dedication harnesses the lot and spits out three fast-paced, enthralling versions of a love story – one of which might be true.

The play, set in the revolving round, asks the question: what was Shakespeare’s relationship to Southampton? As in, the Earl of Southampton. The set is claustrophobic, the audience drawn in tight as the actors circle endlessly, so close you can touch the action.

The action however, might not be to everyone’s taste, but everyone should watch it – it’s beautiful.

Both Tom McKay (Shakespeare) and Tom Rhys Harries (Southampton) were stunning, depicting flirtation, relationship and endings in three highly stylised interwoven versions of themselves.

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    Not a moment was left to chance, the direction of this show by Sam Hodges and team is exemplary.

    At times the set got in its own way, mirrors get sticky, and towards the end the revolve was having a slow wheeze. That said the show made me forget how uncomfortable the seating was and I loved every moment.

    Until Saturday, October 8.