Sex Pistol Paul Cook comes to Southsea's South Parade Pier to shoot video for his current band The Professionals

A FORMER Sex Pistol brought his current band to Southsea to shoot a music video, but there was little sign of the filth and the fury his old group was famous for.

By Chris Broom
Wednesday, 11th March 2020, 4:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th March 2020, 4:28 pm

This was no time for Holidays in The Sun, as drummer Paul Cook spent the afternoon at South Parade Pier working with The Professionals to make the video for a forthcoming EP track, Twenty Twenty Vision.

The well-behaved four-piece spent several hours shooting footage in the amusement arcade, The Gaiety Bar, out on the promenade and down on the beach before some fish and chips in Deep Blue and then heading back home to London.

After the arcade closed to the public at 5pm, the four-piece ran through the song several times before trying their hands at some of the games from the classic tuppenny shove, to more modern shoot ‘em ups and a spot of car racing.

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Paul Cook, founder of The Professionals, taking a break between shots for a music video in the arcade on South Parade Pier. Picture by Paul Windsor

The band was started by Cook with fellow Pistol, guitarist Steve Jones in 1979 after the punk legends split, but they broke up in 1982.

With Jones now living in LA, Cook pulled together a new line-up, with the guitarist’s blessing, and they released What In The World in 2017 – their first album in 35 years. The band is currently completed by frontman Tom Spencer, guitarist Chris McCormack and bassist Toshi Ogawa.

Paul said: ‘It’s been pretty eventful and pretty rushed. We got loads done – we didn’t have much of an idea what we were going to do, we were kind of winging it once we got here and saw the set up. I think it’s worked out alright.’

Julie Collins, manager of the arcade said: ‘I was contacted by the film-maker, Christian Riou, asking if we would be happy to let them use the arcade, which obviously, we were.

Punk band The Professionals playing their song Twenty Twenty Vision in the amusement arcade on South Parade Pier. Picture by Paul Windsor

‘It was only a couple of weeks ago they asked, it’s all moved quite quickly.

‘They’ve been a lovely bunch of guys, and it’s been lovely to have them here. I'm a big music fan too, so this is great.

‘We had a comedy show do some filming in here a couple of years ago, but I think this is the first time we've had a music video shot in here.’

The Professionals return to the city when they support Northern Irish punks Stiff Little Fingers at The Pyramids Centre on Thursday, March 26. Go to

Drummer Paul Cook and bassist Toshi Ogawa of punk band The Professionals playing in the amusement arcade on South Parade Pier as the shoot a music video for their song Twenty Twenty Vision. Picture by Paul Windsor
Punk band The Professionals shooting a music video for their song Twenty Twenty Vision on South Parade Pier. From left: Paul Cook, Chris McCormack, Toshi Ogawa, Tom Spencer. Picture by Paul Windsor