Tabby McTat at the Kings Theatre, Southsea REVIEW: 'The performance is good for all ages'

Out of Julia Donaldon’s 184 published works, there’s one that features a tabby cat that has been weaving its rhythmic spell on children for the past decade.

By Kimberley Barber
Monday, 18th November 2019, 12:29 pm
The cast of Tabby McTat. Picture by Robin Savage
The cast of Tabby McTat. Picture by Robin Savage

Tabby McTat, first published in 2009, is a mainstay of the Julia Donaldson collection.

Although not as famous as some of her other works such as The Gruffalo or Stick Man, it still has charm, a nice story, a good rhythm and a happy ending.

And as with many of her other books, Tabby McTat stage has made the leap from the page to the stage.

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It features four adult performers who tell the story about a busker’s cat, true to the book, with some embellishments such as a magic show and extra songs to make the show an hour long.

Don’t be too disappointed by the lack of furry costumes or real animals though, the performance is still good for all ages.

Some words of warning though, the acting is a little too good at times, and no matter how many times you read the book with a child, witnessing a theft and then an old man hurting himself so badly he requires hospital treatment can be – understandably – a bit scary. I can’t lie, there were a few tears.

Apart from the temporary trauma, the performance was clearly enjoyed by the scores of children – and several school parties – who were there to see it. Probably best for aged five and up.