Ten-time Grammy nominee Wiz Khal closes out Bestival spectacle

Wiz Khalifa wowed the crowds on the Isle of Wight last night to bring Bestival to a close.

Monday, 12th September 2016, 6:05 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:23 pm
Major Lazer Picture: Sam Stephenson

The 10-time Grammy nominee attracted thousands of spectators to the Main Stage for the headlining set, which featured his breakthrough hit Black and Yellow.

The highlight was an emotional performance of the rapper’s hit See You Again, which was commissioned for the Fast and Furious 7 soundtrack after the death of the film’s star Paul Walker.

Earlier in the evening, Sean Paul heated things up with a selection of his best-known songs including Temperature, Get Busy and We Be Burnin.

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Pretty Vicious

And indie pop band Bastille also proved a big hit, performing well-known singles Pompeii and Of The Night, a mash-up of The Rhythm of the Night by Corona and Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap!

They also treated fans to new material from their album Wild World, which was released on Friday.

Even after Wiz Khalifa finished his set there was still more to come as the sky above Robin Hill Country Park was filled with fireworks, an annual tradition at the festival. And for those not ready to stop partying, Bestival veteran Fatboy Slim performed a late-night DJ set over at The Spaceport, a stage with a 20-metre-tall rocket.

More than 50,000 people attended the festival, including many people from Portsmouth, who took advantage of the stars performing on their doorstep.

Sergeant Jason Holfhord, left, with Inspector Simon Vardy

Alice Cross, 22, said a highlight for her was seeing Years and Years perform, and well-known children’s TV duo – the Chuckle Brothers.

She said: ‘The Chuckle Brothers were incredible.’

Best Stage

It might be its inaugural year, but The Spaceport should stick around after consistently drawing big crowds. The laser system, with huge spacemen shooting beams of light out of their visors, matched the dance music being played here and fitted The Future theme perfectly.

Zeedee Jazz Sawyer and Ben Gascoine

Best Food

Festival-goers were spoilt for choice in this respect, with food from every continent on offer. But the biggest standout was The Feast Collective tent, which had pop-up stalls full of gourmet street food. Le Rac Shack served Swiss speciality Raclette - a six kilogram wheel of cheese heated under a grill and scraped onto sausage and potatoes. What’s not to like about melted cheese?

See Them Before They Are Big

Those who were awake early enough on Friday morning would have caught Alice Jemima performing on the Main Stage, and if her set was anything to go by she’ll be back again in coming years. Her guitar-led songs and breathy voice were reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, and was the perfect soundtrack to start the weekend with.

The Cure

Weirdest Costumes

The theme this year was The Future - and despite bad weather on Saturday many people donned their best fancy dress. There were characters with hover boards from Back to the Future, Cybermen from Doctor Who and plenty of aliens and robots - but the best festival couture goes to a group dressed as pensioners, with inflatable zimmer frames and tartan trollies. Getting old is the future, after all.

Best Stall

Fairy Love sold fabulous fancy dress including flamenco shirts and fairy wings - and the podium-dancing staff certainly raised eyebrows.

Bestival Fashion

Glitter is a perennial festival staple, but silver leggings were the biggest trend this year as people embraced the futuristic theme.

Pretty Vicious

Biggest Surprise Hit

Craig David has had a career resurgence in recent years - but the size of the crowd that turned out to see him on Saturday afternoon was bigger than some headliners. And he didn’t disappoint as he sang and DJed at the same time.

Best Cover

There were some great covers, including Alice Jemima’s laid-back rendition of Blackstreet’s No Diggity, but Years and Years came out on top with their mash-up of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and Hotline Bling by Drake.

Festival trend

After Saturday’s downpour, the country park was turned into mud - but festival-goers made the most of it, with some brave people attempting to ‘surf’ it down a hill.

Sergeant Jason Holfhord, left, with Inspector Simon Vardy
Zeedee Jazz Sawyer and Ben Gascoine
The Cure