BLAISE TAPP: There's no jealousy here for the House of Windsor

There aren't many people who can honestly say they are immune from that basic human instinct, jealousy '“ I am certainly not one of them.

I am the guy who changes his mind about the restaurant order I have made the moment I see what the person on the next table is having.

And recently the green-eyed monster has schooled me in the art of not letting any motorist who is in a car smarter than mine out of a junction, which means that pretty much everybody has to wait until I pootle by.

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I also dislike most people who appear on my telly – especially the talentless, gurning buffoons on the children’s channels – as I am of the opinion that I could be in their well-heeled shoes if I was 18 years younger and didn’t have hair as threadbare as a backstreet boozer’s carpet.

I am not sure if this ‘grass is greener’ nonsense is anything to do with a premature mid-life crisis or if it is because I am giant-sized toddler who wants what everybody else has got. Both are painfully true.

There is one group who are quite welcome to their lot as far as I am concerned: that blue-blooded lot from the House of Windsor.

I am neither a rabid republican or swivel-eyed royalist but the one thing I can tell you is that I wouldn’t take that gig for all the Best in the brewery.

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I completely understand where Prince Harry was coming from when he suggested that nobody in his family really wants to be king or queen – cue outrage from the usual suspects who accused him of being ungrateful, arguing that millions would swap places with him in a heartbeat.

One commentator suggested his views were crass given that the UK is currently recovering from several months of especially bad news but Harry would have got grief whenever he had expressed his view.

We live in a nation where the public approval rating of the current monarch is very high and I would go as far as guessing that there cannot be any leaders or heads of state anywhere who are as popular as our own Queen.

But what happens to the monarchy once she is no longer on the throne is something which will long be mulled over by constitutional experts and pesky journalists alike.

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The belief of some is that the Queen is the person holding it all together. Even though Harry, his brother William, the future king, and his wife Kate are currently very popular, how will they cope under the pressure when there is nobody else to share it with?

I am sure it is with this in mind that Harry said what he did to the journalist who interviewed him. Yes, he does lead a life of almost unrivalled privilege but the payoff is beyond the comprehension of us nine-to-fivers.

In the interview which has caused such controversy, Harry speaks of his anger of having to publicly grieve for his mother, Princess Diana, at the age of just 12 and he has recently revealed that he belatedly sought professional help in a bid to heal those wounds.

One thing I cherish is quiet, private time with my family – something I doubt that Harry has ever really experienced. It is one posh life that I am glad I don’t have.

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