CHIPPER: A new year's party with paw-some pals

Greetings Chipsters everywhere!

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017, 5:55 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:49 pm

As you probably know, it is now 2017, and so to celebrate the new year, many of you might have had parties to celebrate the new year. This year, I was invited to my furry friend Paul the Pug’s party.

When I got there, Whiskers the Cat popped a party popper – it was so loud, I jumped out of my collar! We all put on pointy party hats and danced around the Christmas tree, which still hadn’t been taken down – Chip-mas isn’t over yet after all!

It was all fun and games until Derek the Doberman got too ruff and knocked the tree over. The big, crashing noise had Derek, Paul the Pug and myself running for cover, but it was nothing to worry about – apart from some runaway baubles and a few tangled branches, nothing got broken and nobody was hurt.

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Later on, Steve the Squirrel dropped in and brought all sorts of doggie treats to add to the celebrations: hot dogs, springer rolls and crunchy kibbles. As usual, we ate far too much and ended up sprawled out on the floor, full of food and excitement.

When it was coming up to midnight, the humans switched on the television and we watched countries all over the world set off their fireworks as the new year arrived. The sound of the fireworks scared me, but I felt better when Paul’s human gave me a cuddle and told me that these fireworks couldn’t hurt me because they were very far away.

Did you go to any New Years parties this year? If you did, was it fun? Make sure you let me know.

Chip, chip for now, your old friend Chipper.