Exhibition tells stories of recovering addicts

ADDICTION and recovery are the themes of a new exhibition at Aspex Gallery in Gunwharf Quays.

London-based Melanie Manchot, pictured, has worked with recovering drug and alcohol addicts to create the exhibition, which is called Twelve.

The free show consists of a series of videos which give an insight into the life of an addict.

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Ms Manchot said: ‘It’s called 12 because 12 people participated in the project and there are also 12 steps in one of the most famous recovery programmes.

‘When I met these people they were all going into recovery.

‘Rather than making the work about the set of people, we made it with those people and it was really their voice that really came to the fore.’

The videos show everyday situations, events and activities infused with tragedy and humour, and are shot as single takes.

Twelve was commissioned by Mark Prest from Portraits of Recovery.