11 things you’ll only know if you’ve done the Great South Run before

If you’ve ever lived in Portsmouth then you've probably seen runners taking part in the Great South Run one time or another.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 6:00 pm
The Great South Run

But there’s a few things you will only know if you’ve completed the 10-mile course. Runners, prepare to look away

There's only a mile to go. You're nearly at the end. And then - whoosh! When it's a windy day in Southsea, you can really tell if you're by the seafront.
You can see lots of runners on the final straight, looking knackered but close to the finish line. And then you realise you're knackered, but you're only on mile 5...

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Every year Maggie Baker and her family play their own DJ set from their home in Henderson Road, Southsea. With just a couple of miles to go until the finish line, it might just give you the extra boost you need to complete the 10-mile challenge.
Nope, neither had we. It might seem flat when you're driving along it, but when you're running on it it's a whole different game. Luckily for runners though, the first stretch is uphill before you turn at the roundabout and go downhill. So at least you get the 'harder' part out the way first!
You're hardly going to walk into them during a normal visit to the dockyard, but when there are hundreds of runners around you they become an unexpected challenge.
Fancy starting near the front of your assembly pen? It's a nice idea, but you can expect a very early start if you want to make it a reality!
They are usually handed out with about a mile to go, and you'll see lots of runners near you with a handful of them - hoping for that last-minute sugar rush.
Yes, you might look a bit odd. Yes, you might be wondering what the point of it is. But believe us, once you've got through the whole 10 miles you'll be glad you did it.
Local Samba band Batala Portsmouth is back playing upbeat Afro Brazilian Samba Reggae music at the bottom of Winston Churchill Avenue. You can see them between mile 3 and 4 - but chances are you'll be able to hear them from much further away!
When it's hot, there's nothing better than cooling down by running through the water showers by Canoe Lake. But when the weather isn't that nice, you just get a bit damp. Better make the right decision!
There's always a huge queue for the toilet cubicles at the start of the race, but for the male runners there is another option. As one of our staff members points out, there is a set of urinals round the corner by the skate park to make things a bit easier.