Kathy Lette, The Spring, Havant, review: '˜Lette doesn't sugar-coat anything, she just glazes it with hilarity'Â

If a young, hot George Clooney asked you out on a date, what would you say?

The fact that Kathy Lette turned down the hottest property in the world is just one of the extraordinary anecdotes in the writer, feminist, mother and all-round fabulous girl's life, and gives you a flavour of Girls Night Out.

Her confessional show which lifts the lid on her life and loves came to The Spring on Saturday as part of Being Her, an evening festival devoted to feminism.

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Lette was the headliner and it felt like those who had been to the previous two shows - I hadn't - found it an enormous relief to actually laugh and not take it all so seriously.

Kathy, an Australian writer who's spent the past 30 years in London, via LA, mixing with the glitterati, literati and clitterati, writing bestsellers, having them turned into movies and bringing up her family, was an absolute riot.

The evening was like a chat over a bottle of sav blanc, there were tales of the girlfriends who acted as human Wonderbras when she arrived in London - 'they lift you up and make you bigger and better' - including Maureen Lipman, Kylie, Nicole Kidman and Ruby Wax.

And it was their bitching about marriage, parenthood, pregnancy and ageing that inspired her work, such as Mad Cows and How to Kill Your Husband.

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Lette doesn't sugar-coat anything, she just glazes it with hilarity. Eye-watering stories about childbirth made the brave men in the audience squirm.

Married to top human rights QC Geoffrey Robertson, over the years she has put up Salmon Rushdie, Julian Assange and love-rat James Hewitt in her loft - though not all at the same time.

Robertson is the boss of a certain Amal Clooney. And Lette really did turn her husband, George, down, many moons ago. Nowadays, he stacks her dishwasher after he comes round for dinner.

There was so much laughter, she's razor-sharp, but recounting the difficulties and the barriers she's faced bringing up her autistic son -now thriving as Jason on BBC 1's Holby City - was heart-wrenching.

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And she's still angry that, despite all the progress feminists have made, it's still very much a man's world where women are hitting their heads on the glass ceiling, and '˜are expected to clean it while they're up there'.

The exploits of her comedy coven of Sandi Toksvig, Ronni Ancona and Jo Brand drinking cocktails in The Savoy is thrilling - throwing their massive knickers at Tom Jones, for instance. It just makes you want to be in her gang.

And by the end of the night you feel you are. Like you've made a new best mate. It ended with all the girls on the dance floor waving their arms in the air to We Are Family by Sister Sledge and then heading to the bar with Kathy for cocktails.