LESLEY KEATING: Oprah for president? She'd get my vote if I were American

After Oprah Winfrey's inspirational speech at the Golden Globes last week, people have started saying she should run for president.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 14th January 2018, 8:30 pm
Lesley thinks Oprah Winfrey would make a formidable presidential candidate

And what a wonderful, formidable opponent she’d make.

She’d be a refreshing change to the narcissistic, petulant and posturing bully currently in charge.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for America to finally have such a strong, empowered and charismatic leader after what they have had to endure?

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I know he won’t go quietly and one can only imagine him pouting and stamping like a five-year-old being told he can’t have what he wants.

But how wonderful if the next president was not only a woman, but one with integrity and true empathy too.

Come on Oprah, make it happen.


Can you imagine not having any sort of online presence or social media footprint? It actually wasn’t all that long ago when that was exactly the case.

Whatever you wanted to tell someone was all they’d get to know.

Everything could be quickly forgotten without constant reminders on social media.

There was freedom to make mistakes and make sure they stayed under the radar.

Fast forward and now anyone has a pretty good chance of finding out all about you with very little effort. Just Google your own name if you don’t believe me.

Employers can type prospective candidates’ email addresses into social media to learn more.

And show me anyone who claims they haven’t sneaked a peek at their potential new love interest’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and I’ll show you a liar.

A friend’s new landlord also admitted he’d checked her out on Instagram first to see if she ‘seemed responsible’!

So, if you didn’t want your new boss to see those embarrassing party pictures or strangers to read that embarrassing, rambling and frankly self-pitying post you wrote when you’d had a few, then maybe have a look at your privacy settings right now.

I don’t envy today’s youngsters. Whatever they do in a crazy moment stands every chance of shadowing them forever as everyone now has a phone capable of uploading online.

When I was a teenager, everything from fashion faux-pas to unwise behaviour or embarrassing encounters never had to haunt me.

We all had a chance to learn by our mistakes – and cringe in private.

My daughter can’t understand how I could have possibly coped without a mobile or a laptop.

She can’t get around without a Sat Nav whereas I used an A-to-Z, finds it comical I had to use a landline to contact friends or that we had to wait around a week to get photographs developed (only to find we’d put a finger over the lens or cut someone’s head off and there were no editing packages or filters either).

She thinks she’s lucky to have modern technology at her fingertips.

In hindsight, I think I’m the lucky one.


I was more than a bit amused to see that The Guardian said BMW drivers had been voted the rudest on the road, closely followed by Range Rover drivers.

I drive a BMW and have done for several years now. I’m currently on my third. My husband, Mike, drives a Range Rover.

I actually feel that we’re courteous and polite drivers though. I rarely sound my horn, I don’t intentionally cut up other drivers, swear at motorists (well, okay, I do that, but only in the privacy of my own car!) or refuse to give way at junctions.

But, between us, we occupy the top slots as the rudest motoring demographic.

I wonder if they’ll give us a sticker to put on our cars?