The most binge-able shows for you on Netflix

Need some top tips for your next marathon streaming session? Look no further

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th June 2016, 7:00 am

You may think that your epic binge-watching sessions of Netflix are completely secret, but we’re sorry to tell you that they aren’t. Netflix is fully aware of our viewing habits, and has now actually developed a scale to determine how “binge-able” a show is.

The exact statistics are hidden – on account of Netflix’s super secret privacy policy – but roughly speaking, these are the most binge-able shows on Netflix, according to their very own “Binge Scale”.


Watch Rupert Penry-Jones and Phil Davis play two London detectives, who find themselves professionally challenged when a host of killings with historical accuracy leads them to believe that they are dealing with more than a simple-minded murderer. Four seasons in, and ITV have chosen to axe this one, but their loss in Netflix’s gain. It’s not the best TV show you’ll ever see in your life, but if you’re looking for a modern take on the detective thriller, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy Whitechapel for what it is.

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    The Weinstein brothers partnered with MTV to pump out this one, so before you write it off as a cheap rehash, know that there are some serious heavyweights producing this ongoing spin-off of the iconic horror movie. The show opens with a viral cyber-bullying incident rocking the otherwise peaceful town of Lakewood, and from there branches out into a clever plot that, although slightly predictable at times, provides plenty of thrills for horror lovers out there.

    We’re still not sure about the new mask though…

    Hemlock Grove

    Brian McGreevy’s book is plastered onto the silver screen with this novel adaptation, which revolves around a quiet American town, possible werewolves, and a bucket load of secrecy. Nothing you’ve never seen before, right? Well, it’s less about the inter-town relationships and more about the mystery surrounding our characters. Hemlock Grove is one of the most surprising shows on the streaming service, and should keep you interested long into the night.


    Lilly and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix Reloaded) will have no-doubt claimed to be out of their comfort zone when they began their expedition into the world of TV, before quickly going on to prove their pedigree by creating a truly awesome experience in Sense8. All the sci-fi elements that we love about the Matrix films return, meaning you’ll definitely be seeing some nigh-on impossible stunts and fight scenes. Behind all this, there’s a global conspiracy threatening the well-being of our otherwise “super” ensemble, that manifests in a mysterious organisation (spolier: they’re not in a computer program… yet).

    Danger 5

    There’s no room for serious chat in Danger 5, because our quintette of quaint heroes has been tasked with stopping an alternate version of Adolf Hitler from taking over the world in 1980!

    Yes, if you haven’y already guessed, this Austrailian action-comedy basically sets the bar for parody shows, combining action, adventure, humour, and mystery to give you a show that – before everything else – tries to make the viewer feel at home.

    Think Team America, in TV show form – that should give you a decent idea.

    American Horror Story

    You’ll either love or hate the blackly comic American Horror Story, but thankfully, if you find yourself particularly uninterested in the show, you can simply skip to the next season, each of which follows a completely different storyline with different characters.

    Now that this thriller/horror is on its sixth season, you’ll find plenty of variety, and it deserves a lot of credit for its original ideas.

    What other show could get away with seamlessly casting Lady Gaga as a vampire hotel owner?

    House of Cards

    It’s no surprise that House of Cards is being described as one of Netflix’s most binge-able shows, as it’s also one of it’s most successful programs to date.

    Keven Spacey plays the most ruthless politician to ever grace the screen, Frank Underwood, as we watch his meticulous schemes slowly but surely win him the world.

    Hours and hours can pass while you watch House of Cards, because you will get addicted, you will hate Underwood, and you will yearn for his downfall.