CHIPPER CLUB: Spooky happenings at the fort on the last week of school

Greetings Chipsters everywhere! Because it's the last week of school before the summer, my history teacher, Mr Tudor, took us on a trip to Fort Widley yesterday.

Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 4:00 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:49 pm
Picture: Paul Jacobs (151894-5)
Picture: Paul Jacobs (151894-5)

On the bus up to Portsdown Hill, my best friend Brindley Milligan said that the fort was haunted and that there were loads of ghosts still living in the fort.

‘But Brindley, I’m terrified of ghosts...’ I whimpered.

Pogo overheard, and started to mock me: ‘Oh look at little Chippy, scared of something’s that not real.’

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‘Don’t listen to him Chipper,’ snapped Brindley. ‘And don’t worry, ghosts can’t hurt you.’

We were led down into the tunnels by a guide who told us that there had been sightings of the ghost of a sergeant major often heard whistling when he patrolled the fort – scary stuff!

Paul the Pug tapped Brindley and me on the shoulder and said: ‘Hey, let’s sneak off and have our own little adventure!’

We ran down the tunnels, away from the rest of the group, and began howling down the echoey corridors. We turned a corner and standing there was Pogo.

‘I’ve got you now, little Chippy, and your silly little friends,’ he jeered.

‘Please Pogo,’ Brindley started. ‘Don’t hurt u–’ He froze and pointed behind Pogo. ‘Pogo, look, it’s a gh-gh-gh–’

‘I’m not falling for that Brindley, how could it possibly be a –’

He stopped as he heard whistling behind him. He turned around slowly and there, floating behind him, was a spirit in an army uniform, staring down at us with cold, dead eyes – it was the ghost of the sergeant-major!

‘It’s a gh-gh-gh-GHOST!’ Pogo shrieked, before scampering away.

I breathed a sigh of relief and said to the ghost: ‘Thank you Mr Sergeant-Major, you saved our lives.’

The sergeant major tipped his cap and floated off, whistling. Maybe ghosts aren’t so scary after all, but one thing’s for sure: at Fort Widley, they definitely exist!

Chip chip for now – and have a great summer Chipsters – your friend Chipper.