Find out how local residents can save up to £30 on Portsmouth Historic Dockyard tickets

Live Local? Explore Local – Portsmouth Historic Dockyard’s new local residents offer means savings of up to £30 on the great value Ultimate Explorer tickets if you live in a Portsmouth or Southampton postcode.

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Thursday, 20th January 2022, 5:21 pm
Children play outside HMS Warrior
Children play outside HMS Warrior

The Ultimate Explorer ticket allows visitors unlimited trips to the Historic Dockyard for a year, including two fascinating museums in Gosport - Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, with a free water bus to get you there (subject to availability).

So, journey through over 500 years of maritime history, experience the national treasures on your doorstep and save money with superb days out for all the family, all year round.

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The Night Hunters: The Royal Navy’s Coastal Forces at War exhibition at Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower, Gosport,

5 Great Things To Do at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

HMS Victory

One hundred years ago HMS Victory was brought into dry dock. Since then, over 30 million visitors have been wowed by her story, the bravery of the men who lived, fought and died on board and by Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, who led the British fleet to victory at Trafalgar.

HMS Victory is one-of-a-kind and now also includes the ability to walk down into the dry dock under the enormous hull on a dedicated walkway.

HMS Victory's new under hull walkway

Visitors get to experience HMS Victory through Nelson’s eyes, as the drama of the battle unfolds, deck-by-deck, hour by hour, as the ship sets sail on September 14, 1805.

The Night Hunters

Just opened, be one of the first to see The Night Hunters: The Royal Navy’s Coastal Forces at War at Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower, Gosport, available Wednesday to Sunday.

Discover the small band of young, courageous men, often reservist volunteers, who manned the wooden craft which were heavily armed, carrying ammunition, explosives and high-octane fuel as they went in to attack enemy naval forces at close range.

Alison Firth and Nicholas Ball look at a new digital interpretation of Wiley’s Trafalgar Panorama in HMS Victory The Nation's Flagship Exhibition

It is said it was the nearest thing to hand-to-hand fighting experienced within the Royal Navy.

The Mary Rose

Bust the myth at the Mary Rose! Despite many thinking otherwise, Mary Rose didn’t sink on her maiden voyage, but was in fact a crucial part of King Henry VIII’s navy for 34 years before she sank in The Battle of the Solent in 1545.

Come and visit Henry’s favourite ship and examine some of the 19,000 Tudor artefacts that laid on the seabed for over 400 years!

Children crowd around a chest of Tudor artefacts with the Mary Rose in the background

The Victory Gallery

This gallery tells the extraordinary story of this remarkable survivor from acorn to icon and explores the lesser-known history of the oldest naval ship still in commission in the world.

The gallery displays stunning objects including a section of HMS Victory mainmast, damaged at the Battle of Trafalgar, which is on display in an exhibition in Portsmouth for the first time.

W L Wyllie’s The Panaroma of the Battle of Trafalgar has also been redisplayed and digitally interpreted to allow visitors to get even closer to the action.

HMS Warrior

Launched in 1860, this famous warship was an engineering marvel - bigger and faster than any other ship of the time.

Visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Across all four decks, visitors are likely to encounter costumed actors, each portraying a colourful character who might have been on board. Visitors can experience the captain’s cabin, galley, cabins belonging to senior officers, and more.

All areas of the ship are packed with historically accurate details – as if the inhabitants have merely stepped out for a while. So come aboard and experience a genuine slice of naval history!