Lyrid meteor shower 2022: How and when to see shooting stars in Portsmouth this weekend

STARGAZERS can expect to see an array of meteors this weekend as the Lyrid meteor shower reaches its peak display.

Friday, 22nd April 2022, 4:35 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd April 2022, 5:02 pm

The night's sky will be lit with shooting stars over the next few days, as the peak display of the Lyrid meteor shower takes place.

The Lyrid meteor shower occurs in April each year and has been watched by people around the world.

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The Lyrid meteor shower will be at its peak between April 22 and April 23.

But what is the Lyrid meteor shower and when is the best time to watch it in the UK?

Here's everything you need to know:

What is the Lyrid meteor shower?

The meteor shower was first observed in ancient China in 687 BC, making it one of the oldest known meteor showers in existence.

The bright display of meteors occurs when the Lyrids pass through the trail of debris left by the Thatcher Comet.

When is the Lyrid meteor shower 2022?

The Lyrid meteor shower began on April 14 this year and it is expected to end on April 30.

The shower will be at its peak tonight and tomorrow (April 22 and 23) as the display is at its brightest with 18 meteors per hour.

When is the best time to watch the shower?

According to the Greenwich Royal Observatory, the best time to see the meteor shower in the UK is during the early morning of the two peak days.

The Royal Observatory also recommends that stargazers should wait until after midnight for best visibility, as the radiant point in the constellation of Lyra will have risen in the east, offering a better view of the horizon.

How to watch the Lyrid meteor shower in Portsmouth

The Lyrid meteor shower is visible to the naked eye as long as the night’s sky is clear

The best way to view the shower is to watch it somewhere that is not contaminated with light pollution and gives a clear picture of the sky.

The time of night, weather, and moonlight can hinder your visibility if you wish to watch the meteor shower.

Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth is a high vantage point which makes it the perfect place to watch the spectacle.

According to the Met Office, the skies are set to be fairly cloudy in Portsmouth over the next two evenings.

The cloud may slightly block the view but over the course of the night, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch a shooting star.