Nine reasons why a gin is better than a boyfriend

Gin Festival arrives in Portsmouth on Friday - and here's a fun look at why the popular drink is arguably even better than your fella.

The light-hearted list is on the website of the organisers of the event, which is at Portsmouth Guildhall on Friday and Saturday.

1. Gin is never demanding - all it ever needs is ice, tonic, and fresh garnish.

2. Gin is only bitter when tonic is added.

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3. Gin is made for sharing with friends; it inspires bad dancing and good chat. Sharing a boyfriend will not do this.

4. A bottle of gin will always be at home waiting for you, unlike the boyfriend who stops off at the pub en route.

5. Once the tonic’s added, gin is bubbly and full of energy for a good night out!

6. Sampling a wide variety of gins at a bar is encouraged, less so with boyfriends.

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7. Gin’s shelf life is entirely up to you. When you’ve have had enough and the bottle is done you can swiftly finish and move onto the next. And nobody will judge you for how many gins you've sampled.

8. Gin doesn’t look scared if you suggest ‘spicing things up’ or 'trying something new.'

9. There's a Gin for everyone so you can take Gin anywhere and it never has a problem fitting in. Plus, none of your friends will object to bringing it along on a night out!

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