YOUR SAY: Do you think the M27 should have extra lanes?

Yesterday we asked readers what they thought about the possibility of extra lanes being added to the M27 to help ease congestion - and here's what you had to say.

The proposed new Solent Combined Authority would make increasing the M27’s capacity from three to four lanes a priority, Sean Woodward – leader of Fareham Borough Council – has said.

Here are some of the comments people have posted on our Facebook page on the subject:


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BRANDON CAREY: It won’t make any difference. The bottlenecks will still be there on all the arterial roads, and a further 100,000-plus dwellings won’t help, either.

AREK KARWATA: Even if there will be 100 lanes there will still be idiots welded to the fastest lane, driving too close to other cars, not using indicators, if police do nothing about it.

MIKE FOWLER: If you use the lanes as they should be then you don’t need another lane due to people hogging the outside lanes which are meant for overtaking only.

HALEMA PINK: Doesn’t matter how many lanes this motorway has, there will still be accidents.

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DAVID TUCKEY: Four lanes causes problems as it is. Just drive safer and hand out bans for dangerous drivers. Much cheaper.

NIGEL BUDD: We have 4 lanes on the M25! A lot of motorists ignore the inside lane, which annoys me!

COLIN DIMOND: What would be better is to stagger start and finish times for businesses.

REBECCA NAHID: Too many cars on the road caused by overpopulation and rocket science.

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BEN KNIGHT: My personal opinion would be to make the M27 60mph maximum speed and implement average speed cameras and have bigger fines for speeding. It wouldn’t stop accidents but it would certainly reduce them.

KRISTYON CRESSWELL-THOMAS: People ignore safe driving instructions or get distracted in some way. Rubber-necking idiots are a prime example, slowing down and causing secondary accidents.

NICK ALLEN: Drivers cause crashes, not the road system. It could be eight lanes each way, you still have the same drivers using it.

STEVE DOEL: Trucks overtaking each other do not cause delays.

ELLEN WATERMAN: It’s not the fourth lane that’s the problem. It’s people squeezing in last minute just to get one car ahead.