Your guide to the soaps this week

Here's your guide to what's going on in the soaps this week.

Sunday, 18th December 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Sunday, 18th December 2016, 1:09 pm


Eastenders (BBC 1)

Sharon has lived in Walford long enough to know that Christmas is rarely a time of joy and goodwill, but she’s still determined to give Phil a festive season to remember for all the right reasons.

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Her task isn’t made any easier when a social worker calls, while Phil confides in Dot that he doesn’t have the energy to sit down for a turkey dinner with the Mitchells, let alone to keep fighting for his life.

So, when Sharon later catches him trying to sneak out of the house, can she convince him that he really does something left to celebrate?

Elsewhere, Bex confides her relationship worries in Stacey, who repeats it all too Martin - who then attacks Shakil in the market.

The Carters are worried about Olly’s assessment in the New Year, so Whitney decides to cheer up her in-laws by hosting Christmas dinner - but that’s just leaves Lee more depressed, as he wonders how he’ll pay for the turkey.

Ronnie grows more concerned about Roxy’s behaviour, the Christmas play opens, and Linda tries to persuade Walford’s very own Ebenezer Scrooge, Ian Beale, to provide the Square’s tree.


Emmerdale (ITV)

Christmas in Emmerdale gets off to a heartbreaking start as we’re treated to an episode from Ashley’s point off view as he storms out of the hospital after wrongly assuming Marlon and Laurel are having an affair.

If only Laurel could watch it as well, as Doug suggests it’s time she admitted that Ashley needs fulltime care.

Elsewhere, Pete’s relationship with his Auntie Moira grows ever stranger as this week they end up kissing - and then a few days later, she accidentally runs him over while drunk behind the wheel.

Cain takes the blame for the accident, but will that be enough to persuade Moira to give him another chance?

Speaking of rekindling old sparks, Zak and Lisa share a charged moment as they head out to steal a Christmas tree together.

Jimmy returns and makes the tactical error of nipping for a quick pint with Rodney before going to see Nicola.

His wife isn’t impressed, but perhaps Jimmy could offer love-struck Finn some advice on playing it cool, as he’s coming on a little too strong with Kasim.


Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Cameron and Leela’s wedding is looming, and it looks like the groom’s side of the church is going to be pretty empty - the bride even invites him along on her hen night so he doesn’t feel so alone.

Sadly, she gets a reminder of why Cameron doesn’t seem to have many friends when he punches Zack, who has been roped in to act as a stripper.

However, that’s the least of Cameron’s crimes, and his guilt finally catches up with him as he writes a confession letter - which Leela finds on the morning of the wedding...

Sienna is hanging around the church a lot, but she’s not interested in midnight mass or the carol service. Instead, she’s there to win over Joel, but he’s not responding to her advances.

Meanwhile, Warren is increasingly suspicious that she’s seeing someone else.

Lisa feels guilty about her night with Mac, Scott is thrilled when John Paul and James have a row, and Cindy is looking forward to a family Christmas until she catches Nick and Holly getting a bit too festive.


Coronation Street (ITV)

Crossed wires is a staple part of soap plots, as are romantic complications, and Bethany manages to do both this week when she gets ready to throw herself at Gary.

The toe-curling event occurs this week when Sarah can’t accompany her daughter, boyfriend and Faye to a gig in Leeds, so Gary goes it alone with the girls.

Bethany decides to grab the opportunity to make her move, but it all looks set to end in tears when Faye finds out and Sarah arrives out of the blue.

Back in Weatherfield, the chemistry between Maria and Aidan reaches boiling point as he finally admits he’s fallen in love with her.

They begin a secret affair, but it probably won’t stay hidden for long after Johnny spots them kissing in the rather unromantic setting of the factory.

At least their clinch will be a nice memory for Maria to take with her as she heads to court...

Meanwhile, Billy gets a job at the rehab centre, Andy steals pills from the doctor and Nick suspects that Peter is planning to win back Leanne.