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Spuds on top as celery named as UK’s most hated veg

Brits are turning up their noses at ‘trending’ veg people post in recipes on social media - with celery named as the most hated.

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Is it time to scrap the office Christmas party?

Is it time to scrap the office Christmas party?

HEALTH experts have said that the office Christmas party should be scrapped in favour of no-booze leisure treats for staff.

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Crowd-pleasing reds for the turkey

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas wines, but before I do let me start with a cracker joke.

Pickled red cabbage - one of the finest Christmas colours

LAWRENCE MURPHY: Pickled red cabbage for Boxing Day

Last week I was preparing braised red cabbage with bacon, red wine and a little duck fat, adding a small amount of balsamic vinegar so the cabbage retained its colour and flavour.

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Nando's in Market Quay, Fareham

FOOD REVIEW: Nando’s, Fareham

The Dish Detective was pretty sure that he – or is it she? – was not going to be allowed into Nando’s.

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Rick Stein.

Rick Stein's simmering with enthusiasm in new book

Rick Stein’s latest foodie mission, Long Weekends, is all about enjoying life’s simpler pleasures.

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No need to decant

ALISTAIR GIBSON: Pass the port – to the left, of course

If there’s one wine more synonymous with the festive season than any other, it is port.

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Rosemary focaccia bread

LAWRENCE MURPHY: Rosemary focaccia bread

Maggie from Tuppenny Barn at Southbourne asked me some time ago if I would put a course together showing people how to make fresh bread.

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Fareham Indian restaurant given hygiene rating boost

AN Indian restaurant which was given a zero food hygiene rating earlier this month, has had the safety of its food declared ‘generally satisfactory’ in a new report.

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Umami Street Food in Elm Grove, Southsea

FOOD REVIEW: Burger joint brings a fifth taste to Southsea’s eating out scene

There’s a new kid on the block and it’s bringing burgers with an original flavour to the Southsea scene.

The Lobster Pot Christmas Tree

 in Emsworth

Emsworth ‘lob-stars’ to support their fishing trade through unique Christmas tree

WHILE most towns are gathering everyone around a tree to switch on its Christmas lights, one is doing things a bit differently.

Lentils with roast chicken and parsnips

LAWRENCE MURPHY: Lentils with chicken and parnsips

If you watched The Young Ones you will know that Neil, the depressed hippy vegetarian, only eats lentils. The rest of his house mates hate them.

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A great example of Beaujolais

ALISTAIR GIBSON: Don’t forget the pencil sharpener

It has to be said it’s not quite the celebration it was, but Thursday saw the official release of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau.

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Credit: University of Portsmouth

The secret to the perfect cup of coffee - according to a University of Portsmouth researcher

Mathematicians are a step closer to answering one of life’s biggest questions - how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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LAWRENCE MURPHY: Pear, honey and almond tart

LAWRENCE MURPHY: Pear, honey and almond tart

Sadly, the trees outside the restaurant have now lost their red, yellow and golden leaves.

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A perfect introduction to riesling

ALISTAIR GIBSON: Dreaming of a white Christmas?

The shops already seem full of festive fare and with the arrival of Jack Frost over the past few days, it seems like Christmas is only just around the corner.

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Holidays are not coming: Portsmouth snubbed for Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour

IT NEVER feels like Christmas until the famous red Coca-Cola Christmas truck comes on our television screens.

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Blind River - aromatic and fruity

ALISTAIR GIBSON: Kiwis v French in battle of pinot noir

This time of year sees the start of the latest vintages.

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Chicken and mushroom pie

LAWRENCE MURPHY: Chicken and mushroom pie

Reversing a trailer can be a difficult skill to acquire without the right person showing you how it’s done – and it seems perfect pastry requires the same amount of teaching.

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The Inn On The Beach

Hayling restaurant closes ahead of month-long renovation

A POPULAR beachside bar will be undergoing a dramatic transformation this month.

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