Quit whining - and if you can’t cope, buy some hair dye

In this world of blame and claim and ‘no win, no fee’ legal firms touting for business, I thought I had heard everything.

The Kings

READER’S OPINION: The people of Portsmouth are so kind

Rarely does one witness so many acts of kindness in one day as on Saturday, February 11, when my wife and I decided to visit Portsmouth to attend a performance of Dreamboats and Petticoats at the Kings Theatre.

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Verity Lush

When do we truly switch off and accept ourselves?

It’s hard in life to believe that anything is ever good enough.

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Intrigued – but we’re also a touch sceptical

Excitement and curiosity tempered with a healthy dose of cynicism of ever seeing real progress.

Bishop Christopher Foster says that the need to bring communities together is more urgent than ever before

Let’s build a better society for ourselves

ONLY Connect is a TV gameshow that you might have heard of, hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell.But did you know that the title comes from a book, Howard’s End?

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Jane Park

Celebs, stop and think about the impact of your actions

I think it’s great how the terms ‘celebrity’ and ‘star’ have been redefined because of social media.

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From left, Mike Winterbourne, lady mayoress, David Mattingley, Connor Hewitt, Charlie Ware, Lizzie Hough and the lord mayor

Bell-ringing brings everybody together

WE were exceptionally privileged to have been joined by some very special guests recently.

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Four out of 10 say they clash over the remote

Simple answer for harmony is to hand over the TV remote

I learned this week that the average family has at least four tiffs a day and one mega argument that lasts for about 10 minutes.

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In my prime, I could easily outpace one of these creatures. Probably... (Wiki Commons: labeled for reuse)

PAUL NEWELL: I was the fastest kid on two legs, but I swam like a concrete brick

I believe that I reached my sporting peak between the ages of ten and twelve whilst at Northern Parade Middle School.


Reporting is only way to stop nastiness in our midst

We always suspected that those with racist tendencies would come out of the woodwork in the aftermath of the highly-charged Brexit vote.

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Mary Whitehouse

We need a symbol to find TV content without nudity

When Channel Four first aired, I distinctly remember that there was a symbol in the corner of some programmes, at the top left I think.

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The Agatha Christie play will be held at The Square Tower in Old Portsmouth

Christie is the queen of murder mysteries

AFTER having worked for many, many years as a professional actor and stage manager, as well as a more recent position as one of the historical interpreters at Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill, I think it is safe to say that I know the theatre world very well indeed.



I am sure that I was not the only person who watched the opening stages of the Rugby Cup match between Wales and England on Saturday.

WARREN HAYDEN: Ban smoking at school gates... and in parks

WARREN HAYDEN: Ban smoking at school gates... and in parks

Last year I wrote a piece about the smoking ban which produced a very big response from readers of The News.

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Linvoy Primus was at Pompey for nine years

Linvoy Primus: An ambassador for Pompey – and for God

OUR activities at the Salvation Army in Lake Road and our linked Haven Community Centre have many varied events that are often rather exciting.

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There's been a shortage of lettuce

Rationing? I’ll spend what I save on wine and Jaffa cakes

Pssst, don’t tell anyone but I know a bloke who can get hold of lettuce, any lettuce you want.


The NHS’s future is more under threat than ever

Former Chancellor Nigel Lawson asserted that the National Health Service was ‘the closest thing the English people have to a religion’.

STEVE POWER: Flash in the pan?

STEVE POWER: Flash in the pan?

Catch Steve Power on Wave 105, Monday to Friday 4pm-8pm.

Blaise want to share the pain of getting on the property ladder with his children

By not planning to build we're constructing a crisis for our children

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been told that moving house is the most stressful thing we do, I would have stopped making my own sandwiches years ago.

Lesley Keating

Say you won’t allow dogs, but don’t dress it up as law

Our little dog Milly is a real member of the family. We often take her out for trips, where she is usually welcomed into coffee shops.

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