COMMENT: Our public services can only take so much

Today we see two stories that highlight what happens after years of tightened public purse-strings.

A Guildhall vigil for victims of the Manchester bombing. Picture: Keith Woodland

BLAISE TAPP: Finding some light in the darkest of times for Britain

In the recent history of Great Britain, these past few months must surely rank alongside the darkest.

Jansz Premium Rose NV, Tasmania

ALISTAIR GIBSON: Some show-stealing, elegant wines from a land Down Under

One of my favourite wine events every year is when renowned wine critic Matthew Jukes unveils his annual 100 Best Australian Wines report.

Food and Drink
Great Scott! Doc Brown and Marty McFly in Back to the Future

RICK JACKSON: Would you rewrite the past, or swap 10 years for £10m?

I posed this question on my breakfast show recently: would you rather go back 25 years in time, or go forward 10 years but suddenly have £10m in your bank account?

Opinion 2

COMMENT: Decision over pier hours had to end up as a compromise

In the end, it was a compromise – and it had to be. The owners of South Parade Pier wanted to be able to have live and recorded music and serve alcohol until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Smoke billows from Grenfell Tower 	             Picture PA

ZELLA COMPTON: Profit before safety caused the Grenfell Tower tragedy

Grenfell Tower has shocked every one of us.

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KIERAN HOWARD: Now we know how much we’ve wasted over the years

One episode of EastEnders sets our household back about three pence in electricity, I’ve discovered.

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BETTER THAN ELECTIONS  Chris Packhams T-shirts

CLIVE SMITH: Are safe sex apps useful or simply a real passion killer?

Apps solve many problems – many of which you didn’t even realise were problems to begin with.

Proms are a big deal for teenage girls

LESLEY KEATING: A decision on prom should not have been left so late

It’s prom time again and Year 11 girls are looking forward to dressing up in glitzy prom dresses and getting their hair and make-up done.

Opinion 6
Beware of overworking

VERITY LUSH: If you try your best, then what more can be asked?

Do you achieve a work/life balance? (I hear you laugh incredulously).

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Volunteers sort through donations near Grenfell Tower

CHERYL GIBBS: Such compassion is what makes this country great

Another week, another tragedy hits our country.

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The first untethered balloon flight, by Rozier and the Marquis d'Arlandes on November 21, 1783
Picture: Wikipedia

STEVE CANAVAN:A rather depressing anniversary

As someone so petrified of flying, I inspect all the wheels before take-off and fret if the captain is too young – inexperienced, might mess up the landing – or too old - failing eyesight, may suffer heart-attack mid-flight – I viewed with horror the photographs of the plane that took off from Sydney for China the other day, then abruptly, if understandably, turned around when one of the engines blew up.

Theresa May

RICK JACKSON: I just hope the EU doesn’t take us to the cleaners now

As we went through the results of the General Election on Friday morning’s Breakfast Show, the only music that seemed right to play was the theme tune to Laurel & Hardy.

Opinion 2

First step to making the most of our city park

It’s pleasing to be able to report today that a plan to revitalise the city’s Victoria Park has been kicked off by confirmation of what is happening to the former Arts Lodge.

The election count in progress

BLAISE TAPP: What many would now give for us to be boring again

There was a time not so long ago when Britain was regarded as a dull nation, only marginally less boring than Belgium.

The British love a barbecue

CLIVE SMITH: Earth will still be here long after humans have gone

It looks like everyone has got the hump with Trump again.

Wonder Woman

ZELLA COMPTON: I was inspired by the female superhero of my childhood

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the new Wonder Woman movie for a very long time.


KIERAN HOWARD: Louie learns that dogs aren’t all cute and below knee height

Louie’s early impression of dogs received a slight reality check during the recent Families’ Day at Netley.

Lesley Keating

LESLEY KEATING: We must stop humanising these deluded murderers

Once again the country is reeling from more terrorist atrocities.

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