CLIVE SMITH: Moaners just don’t bother to read articles properly

Every time a new proposal is put forward to convert a building in the city into student accommodation, there’s a predictable chorus of ‘what about the homeless?’ or ‘homeless accommodation would be better’.

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PIDFAS members are visiting Brighton Pavilion soon

DIANA SWANN: Lectures provide fascinating insights

THOSE of us who cherish a secret love of bling were enthralled at the PIDFAS lecture on December 13 when Amanda Herries, curator for 10 years of the London Museum, described the dazzling Cheapside Hoard, found by workmen in an old chest while excavating a cellar in the City of London in 1912.

Stuart couldnt find any ex-pat Americans who supported the president-elect

What are the Yanks thinking of?

DON’T get me started about Donald Trump.

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Maria Norman and son Owen are both boxers

TAMMY KENT: Mum and son keep fit with boxing

MARIA Norman is a popular girl in Gosport because she is a well-known barber at Club Class in North Cross Street.


The decision on IFA2 will be watched very closely

The number of objections to a proposed new power station received by the council passing judgment on whether it gets built or not is fairly impressive.

Within a cat's whisker of a Cold War coup?

STEVE CANAVAN: American spy cat wasn’t a ‘meow-vellous’ idea...

I’m 50 years behind the times with this one so forgive me if you’re already aware, but I discovered something rather marvellous the other day - mainly that, with the Cold War at its height, the American government spent £20m training a cat to be a spy.

A loving, friendly tarantula

STEVE POWER: Snakes and spiders? My school was so rough we had them as class pets

Catch Steve Power At Breakfast, Monday to Friday 05.30-09.00 on Wave 105

Blaise is trying to keep on the straight and narrow

I'm going off my trolley with insane dieting advice

Over the years I have come up with a variety of strategies to cope with the tedium of frequent visits to the supermarket.
WARREN HAYDEN: Old games are still best in iPad Britain

WARREN HAYDEN: Old games are still best in iPad Britain

What do children play with these days?

Michelle Obama

LESLEY KEATING: Am I the only person who hates the January sales?

Am I the only one who hates the January sales?

The water vole is shy but numbers are going up at last PICTURE by Tom Marshall
 for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

JENNY SIMPSON: Tracking down Ratty, the water vole

LIVING along rivers and streams and around ponds and lakes, water voles dig their burrows into the river bank.

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Simon Callow

Life’s always unpredictable and preparing to trip us up

And lo, I am 40! Obviously, my life is therefore sorted.

Slimming World consultant Amanda Harland before she lost weight

AMANDA HARLAND: It’s my dream to see you achieve yours

I’M PREPARING for a busy January as people vow to make this the year that they achieve their dream weight.

Helen Wilson from Fareport Talking News with ITVs Fred Dinenage who is patron of the charity

TERRY WILSON: Talking news is completely free

HAVE you ever thought how difficult it must be for people who cannot read the printed word to keep in touch with local news and events?

Fareham MP Suella Fernandes with a Saab Seaeye apprentice

MP praises college’s plan to combine qualifications

PRAISE has been heaped upon a college’s technical courses.

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Meryl Streep

CHERYL GIBBS: Embarrassed to find that my undies were on show

It’s the little things in life that I appreciate the most – a simple gesture, a nice glass of wine...and a wardrobe.

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‘Shops are the soul of our area’s high streets’

We’ve all seen our high streets suffering over the past few years.

Families enjoy art and craft at the tea service

REV SANDY MATHESON: There’s much laughter, glue and glitter

IT’S easy to imagine church just means what happens in a Victorian building on a Sunday morning.

Chris Richardson, curate of St Marys Alverstoke

REV CHRIS RICHARDSON: Plenty of opportunities to change your life

PLENTY of people start the New Year with good intentions about changing the way they live – losing weight, discovering a new skill, or just being a nicer person.

Girls Brigade members with their winning cakes

REV JENNY GAFFIN: Unicorn cake in church’s baking challenge

IT WAS a bake-off battle between two of the thriving groups based at St Andrew’s Church.

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