NEWS COMMENT: Blue badge abusers are cheating the system

Parking in any big city, including Portsmouth, is often at a premium but that doesn’t give drivers the right to flout the system.

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Sex addict? Harvey Weinstein

VERITY LUSH: Would you be brave enough to become a whistleblower?

And so the Harvey Weinstein controversy rumbles on, women everywhere popping out and saying that Harvey himself had unfortunately popped out on inappropriate occasions too frequent to mention.

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STEVE CANAVAN: Hard truths and sage advice for fathers-to-be: part two

A friend of mine, about to become a dad, recently asked me for some advice about parenting.


COMMENT: Increasing awareness of what we eat is crucial

Are we bringing up a generation of overweight, unhealthy children who eat the wrong things and don’t exercise enough?

A shot from Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, soon to be shown on ITV1 as part of that channel's Crime and Punishment series

CHERYL GIBBS: Gordon Ramsay was more engaging than I’d imagined

I’m writing this week’s column from Cannes in France.

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BLAISE TAPP: Can oversharing on social media be a force for good?

There can be little debate over whether or not today’s society is more open than any that have come before.


NEWS COMMENT: Drop-in centre in north of city would ease pressure on QA

All the figures which paint a picture of a year in the life of the A&E department at the general hospital serving the Portsmouth area make fascinating reading.

Jabba the Hutts palace on the inhospitable Tatooine

RICK JACKSON: Orange skies, pungent pongs and trumpets from heaven – what a world!

This week’s weather has again proved how weird and wonderful our planet really is and how much we still need to learn about it.

The red squirrel is in decline across the UK   
Picture by Harry Hogg

ALICE ASHCROFT: The plight of the red squirrel

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust officer looks at the work being done to save the native species.


COMMENT: Project is just what we need to bring city centre to life

It’s been painfully obvious for some time that the city centre is in need of regeneration.

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Harvey Weinstein

ZELLA COMPTON: Men need new lessons in treating women with respect

I wrote about sexual assault a while ago. Who was it that time who’d been caught with their sticky fingers everywhere?

You may soon have to pay �1 to get rid of scrap metal at the tip

NEWS COMMENT: Budgets are tight but is charging at tips the answer?

The big problem with shrinking budgets is deciding where the axe will fall.

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Rachel Edge
 is passionate about politics

RACHEL EDGE: Brexit sparked young people’s political passions

Student Shout is the new weekly column by journalism students at Highbury College.

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KIERAN HOWARD: There needs to be a uni degree course in parenting

KIERAN HOWARD: There needs to be a uni degree course in parenting

I used to think new parents needed nothing more than a simple manual to help survive those early years.

Real Life
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BLAISE TAPP: Even in the 21st century, you can't beat old-fashioned playtime

There cannot be many of us who won't be going away at some point during August.
Why should Angela Rayner be derided for her Stockportian accent? Picture: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian

BLAISE TAPP: We need more Angela Rayners at the top of British politics

There are many things I love about this green and pleasant land, although most of them relate to my stomach and certainly don’t include Love Island or breakfast television.

STEVE CANAVAN: Making a molehill out of a very minor ailment

‘Do you mind stripping down to your under-pants please so I can have a look?’

Australia's experimentation with grapes is paying off

Some years ago you would go to trade wine tasting events and there would be a hushed quote going round the room, ‘Please, please ABC’.
A Spanish riot police officer swings a club against would-be voters near a school assigned to be a polling station by the Catalan government in Barcelona

CLIVE SMITH: Spain could be ripped apart in Game of Thrones scenario

I find the whole situation in Catalonia confusing. I’m still not sure where I stand on the whole affair.


BLAISE TAPP: Arguing the toss has never felt so good

BLAISE TAPP: Arguing the toss has never felt so good

Like all faithful contrarians, I like a row – some people rely on cod liver oil or a pot of posh coffee, but I swear by an old fashioned barney to keep me lively.
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