LESLEY KEATING: Shouldn’t there be a total ban on electronic devices on planes?

New regulations are prohibiting laptops, iPads, Kindles and other electronic devices from being brought into the UK in hand luggage via direct flights from six Middle Eastern nations – Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Opinion 1

Wash your hands - there’s no excuse not to do it

IT’S enough to make you think twice about who you shake hands with.


Doing my part in a time of real crisis

MAJOR flooding in Peru continues, devastating many areas as 10 times more rainfall that usual hits the country.

Abiee Harris, left, receives her award

She is a truly inspirational young woman

AN INSPIRATIONAL young woman from Hayling Island has risen to the challenge to achieve the highest award in Girlguiding.

Daffodils in the sunshine

VERITY LUSH: Unrealistic to think we can blanket cover moral issues

The age of criminality in England is 10. This means that a child under the age of 10 cannot be arrested, or charged, with a crime.

Opinion 2
People refuse to be cowed by terrorism

CHERYL GIBBS: People will not be dictated to by these terrible acts

Yet again innocent people have lost their lives in a cowardly act that has left me with the most enormous knot in my stomach.

Opinion 3
The church has been working hard to fight homelessness

Doing our bit to help homeless people

ONE of the things I notice about people who go to church is that they don’t usually ignore people who are in need.

Fareham 3
Families will be celebrating Mothers Day at St Faiths

The real meaning of Mothering Sunday

THIS coming Sunday is Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day. I wonder which name you and your family use?

Alan Mak, right, with Henry Harris-Burland from Starship Technologies

Defying terrorism as our UK democracy continues

THIS Wednesday’s tragic events in Westminster remind us how precious our democracy is.

Havant 8
A father spending some quality time with his

Giving dads some quality family time

AS a dad I know just how important it is for dads to carve out time with their children.

The initiative aims to get more children involved in church

All fun and games at St Jude’s Church

SOMETIMES if I’m chatting with friends who don’t go to church, I might say I follow Jesus.

Michael Eisner

RICK JACKSON: We don’t want our club to be played with like a toy

Please excuse me if I seem a little reluctant to believe that the former CEO of Walt Disney wants to buy Portsmouth FC.

Opinion 14

THE NEWS COMMENT: We’d like to see more decorum in public office displayed by Portsmouth’s councillors

Disappointing behaviour by councillors, part 356: the current bickering over the Pompey Dial Ride funding leaked e-mail.

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The Mary Rose's timbers

ZELLA COMPTON:The Mary Rose’s contents and people reach down the years

In January this year I received the amazing news that the Arts Council was going to give me a grant to research and write a piece of theatre about the Mary Rose.

Opinion 2

Buyout is good news - but Victorious needs to stay affordable

It’s fair to say that nobody (except those in the know) saw this one coming.

From left, Annie Caddle, Nancy Fenton, Amy Sparkes and Alice Lovegrove

Meet the new head girl and her team

SELECTING a new senior team here at Portsmouth High School is always one of the most exciting times in the academic year.

Nigel Pritchard, left, tees off at Cams Hall Golf Club

Celebrating Flag Day in real style

AS the sun rose on a glorious spring-like day, avid golfers from across the region were putting the flags out at up-market Cams Hall Golf Club.

Who will be among the winners at the spring show?

Looking forward to Spring Flower Show

THE end of March is a time where everything suddenly seems to spring into life – if you will pardon the pun.


NEWS COMMENT: This might be time for a new chapter in club’s history

Let’s be fair, if it came to making a film about some of Pompey’s owners in the past decade, it would be far more Nightmare on Elm Street than something produced by the House of Mouse.

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