It’s your chance to be a columnist in The News

DO YOU read newspaper columnists and think ‘I could do that’? Are you full of opinions and not afraid to share them with thousands of readers who may disagree with what you have to say?


We have all benefited from the America’s Cup

The report released today proves in cold, hard terms that the America’s Cup and Ben Ainslie Racing have been a boon to this area – a boon to the tune of £40m.

I can’t believe that it’s just two weeks until Christmas!

I can’t believe that it’s just two weeks until Christmas!

I genuinely can’t believe that Christmas is a mere two weeks away. How is this even possible?

Children at Milton Locks

The joy of wildlife encounters  Lianne de Mello at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
The Wildlife Trusts are delighted to be John Lewis Christmas charity campaign partner for 2016. This years John Lewis Christmas advert celebrates - with sparkle and a flash of magic - the joy of encountering wildlife in a garden. But how well do you know this cast of wild creatures?
Fantastic foxes are very adaptable, and thrive in cities and countryside alike. They arent fussy eaters - they hunt rodents and rabbits but will also eat earthworms, birds, fish and even fruit and vegetables given the chance. Meanwhile badgers are one of the most recognisable, well-known British mammals; theyre sociable and live together as families in a sett, made up of over 100m of tunnels, with up to 40 entrances.
Did you know that adult hedgehogs travel between 1-2km a night searching for food, and have up to 7,000 spines? Meanwhile cheeky squirrels can be seen at this time of year hoarding nuts, see

LIANNE DE MELLO: Driftwood hints at the area’s history

AN INCREDIBLE exhibition of 70 paintings currently hangs in Portsmouth Museum’s main exhibition space, sprung from the hand of the great artist Edward King.

The Clock Tower owners and schoolchildren with winner Francesca Nice, centre

Francesca’s fantastic flag to be flown from tower

SCHOOLCHILDREN got to see their home town from a whole new angle as they climbed more than 50 steps to enjoy the views at the top of the Warsash Clock Tower.

Rev Roger Jackson with Mayor of Fareham Connie Hockley at the Fareham Shopping Centre Christmas grotto

REV ROGER JACKSON: Bringing light and joy into the winter

ANOTHER Christmas! I am the first to declare that I love Christmas.

Fareham 1
Canon Bob White at The News carol service

CANON BOB WHITE: Share a celebration with the community

IT was good, last weekend, to again be a part of The News’ carol service.

Rev Karen Mitchell at a previous fun day at St Matthews Church


In just over two weeks Christmas Day will be here and we will once again be sharing the true meaning of Christmas.

Gosport 1
Mandi Myers, Tesco community champion with Rev Mark James with one of the food hampers

REV MARK JAMES: I have learnt that nothing is impossible

WE’RE all guilty at times of looking at the state of the world and thinking, ‘What possible difference could I make?’

Home Alone

Christmas is about tradition and enjoying what we know

As well as being a religious celebration, Christmas really is where we all embrace the past and those little things that bring us comfort and joy.

Opinion 1

In danger of creating a 
student ghetto in city centre

Older readers will recall when Greetham Street was once one of the main thoroughfares leading into Guildhall Square, Portsmouth.

Gary Roberts is Pompey's top scorer. Picture: Joe Pepler

How Pompey are shooting themselves in the foot

You don’t score if you don’t shoot.

Pompey 20

We must give visitors a five-star experience

Will Portsmouth ever secure the five-star hotel that is seen as vital to its dreams of attracting big spenders who expect luxury accommodation?

Zella loves the smell of a real Christmas tree

I’m sharing this so you can learn from my £35 parking fine lesson

When six or seven people get a parking ticket in the same street at the same time, you have to wonder whether the signage is clear enough.

Opinion 2

STUART REED: The will of the people prevails for concert

THE people have spoken. The voting’s over. The die is cast.

Artist Kim Whitby at work on a landscape on the Sky Arts show

KIM WHITBY: I have lots of exciting plans for the future

IT HAS been lovely to have so much friendly local support while I was taking part in Landscape artist of the Year.

Sandra Smith

Kings Theatre won’t be quite the same without lovely Sandra

You know how sometimes you’re lucky enough to meet and work with people who are a real inspiration?

Opinion 2

Compassion should be top of our list at Christmas

As nights get colder, and days continue to get shorter, it’s even more necessary to have a roof over one’s head.

Do supermarkets assume that we wont buy these foods at Christmas unless theyre in festive packaging?

STEVE POWER: It’s all mince pie in the sky

Why is it that the mince pie seems to be the first Christmas food item on sale every year? But what we don’t realise is that they’re on sale all year round.

Bored? No, I'm being creative...

WARREN HAYDEN: Bored? No they’re just being creative

Remember when you were a child and life was carefree? The days when you weren’t bothered about any problems that cropped up around you?

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