‘I’ve already got a sequel’ says debut novelist

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Artists impression of the Solent Freedom Tunnel portal at Whippingham, IOW. 
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The Able Connections proposal is to create a new North-South axis through the centre of the Solent region by constructing a tunnel from the M27 east of junction 9 to the Whippingham roundabout on the Isle of Wight, with an additional access intersection 'cut and cover' portal near the mainland coast between Browndown and Meon.  (options being discussed). The scheme brings a range of benefits to the region, including a step change in the connectivity of the Solents emerging mass transit public transport network, reduced highway congestion, reduced HGVs in city centres, new habitat for wildlife and public amenity, agglomeration benefits for industries in the Aerospace, Marine Defence and Composites sectors and other major employers in south Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, as well as improved accessibility for tourists to the island. The scheme

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A WRITER from Bishop’s Waltham has a sequel to his first novel already written.

Tony Foot, 73, published his first novel on April 28, but already has the second book ready to go.

His first – The Fortunes At War – is loosely based on his grandfather’s experiences in the Crimean War, which took place from 1853-1856.

Tony says that the inspiration for the story came from his retracing of his family tree, which gave him some surprising results.

He said: ‘When I left my job as a teacher – and subsequently retired – I found myself in the same situation as many others where I was looking for something to do.

‘I got into tracing my family tree and managed to get all the way back to the 1700s. This is where most people going through their family tree tend to get stuck.’

Tony said that while going through his family tree he was able to learn more about the story of his grandfather in the Crimean War.

Tony explained: ‘My grandfather was heavily involved in the Crimean War – a conflict that, perhaps ironically, served as a premonition to what the First World War would turn out to be like.

‘The novel concerns the adventures of two members of the Rifle Brigade and their missions into Sebastopol during the Crimean War. These men both come from the same Hampshire village but are socially poles apart. They are however both related to each other, but this fact is known to just one of them.’

Tony says that the second novel is ready to be publishes and has an idea for a third, but has been told by his wife ‘to slow down for a few weeks’.

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