WATCH: How HMS Queen Elizabeth measures up to USS George HW Bush

The Rampant at the ramparts of Portchester Castle in 1967. L to r: Peter Richardson (aka Ritchie Peters  they turned his name around) vocals, Ron Hughes guitar, Ken Hughes (his brother) drums, Don Golding bass, Mick Cooper Hammond organ.

NOSTALGIA: Still Rampant after all these years – the band that just keep giving...

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HMS Queen Elizabeth is set to become the biggest Royal Navy ship ever seen in Portsmouth - but even she cannot match the enormity of the American 'supercarrier' due here next week.

USS George HW Bush is too big to get into the harbour and will anchor off Stokes Bay during her stay.

HMS Queen Elizabeth (top) and USS George HW Bush

HMS Queen Elizabeth (top) and USS George HW Bush

Here's our look at how the two mighty ships measure up.