Singin’ In The Rain makes an impressive splash at The Mayflower with toe-tapping choreography and plenty of old Hollywood magic

IT’S the roaring twenties.

Thursday, 16th June 2022, 10:51 am

In Hollywood, talking pictures are the hottest new thing on the movie scene - and Monumental Pictures is keen to get in on the latest trend.

The studio’s biggest silent movie stars Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are caught up in the transition, which has left the future of The Dueling Cavalier, their latest flick, rather uncertain.

Leading lady Lina’s voice is, well, not quite as beautiful as her face, and Don is busy falling in love with newcomer Kathy Seldon - much to Lina’s displeasure.

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Monumental Pictures in Singin' in the Rain. Picture: The Mayflower

Cosmo Brown, Don’s best friend and fellow vaudeville veteran, is hard at work coming up with ideas to save The Dueling Cavalier. But will it all come together in time for opening night?

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The Mayflower’s production of Singin’ In The Rain brings all the fun, humour, and performance magic of the original 1952 film to the stage.

Each iconic song - from ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’ to ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Lucky Star’ - is dynamically performed with supreme verve from the cast and ensemble.

Kevin Clifton as Cosmo Brown. Picture: The Mayflower

The real star of the show is the incredible dancing: the choreography is impressively high-energy, and every dance number is a toe-tapping joy to experience.

The heavens open on stage for ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ and its reprise at the ends of Act I and II, with more than 14,000 litres of water pouring down - leaving the audience singin’ in the rain along with Don as he splashes his way down the boulevard.

Mostly set in front of the great doors leading to Monumental Pictures’ set, the stage is transformed into a mesmeric rainbow of lights and costumes for the big ‘Broadway Melody’ number when Cosmo pitches his movie-saving idea to the studio.

Sam Lips as Don Lockwood brings plenty of Gene Kelly to the stage without becoming a parody, and Kevin Clifton serves plenty of humour and energy in Cosmo’s song-and-dance numbers - while Charlotte Gooch’s wonderful voice shines in her performance of Kathy.

While mostly a faithful restaging of the original film, Singin’ In The Rain includes a new song for Lina - ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’.

Jenny Gayner absolutely nails Lina’s grating Brooklyn-accented squeak, bringing campy diva sass and well-choreographed physical humour in spades.

A must-see - just remember to bring your umbrella.