STEVE CANAVAN: My stoicism and heroism in the face of a crippling bout of 'killer' man-flu

Since September, I have been suffering from life-threatening flu. Well, a heavy cold. Okay, a slight sniffle.
Lesley says you can keep the white stuff, thank you! 
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LESLEY KEATING: It was almost perfect until cable firm scuppered it

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas and we are going to be back in our home.


COMMENT: You showed that you all really care about others

As the festive season gets under way, we asked you to think of others less fortunate – and once again, you didn’t disappoint.


COMMENT: A sobering thought for those drinking to excess

Many people enjoy a drink or two at Christmas time and this weekend the bar queues at pubs and clubs will be a test of endurance for the thirsty.

Bill Nighy and the cast of Ordeal by Innocence

VERITY LUSH: This is my idea of Christmas telly torture

This week, as tradition dictates, I bought the Christmas edition of the Radio Times.

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COMMENT: Small victory in a business full of pitfalls for customers

Once upon a time, buying tickets for a football match, concert, or any other kind of a event was a simple transaction.

If you're going to do a job, do it properly... and not just before Christmas

CHERYL GIBBS: Decorating (badly) and Christmas do not mix

I remember a couple of years ago my sister Michelle got herself into a state because she was undergoing work in the house which involved knocking walls down and redecorating pretty much her whole home.


BLAISE TAPP: I make no apologies for being an unashamed, 

out-of-date food-sniffer

BLAISE TAPP: I make no apologies for being an unashamed, out-of-date food-sniffer

Some of us sniff, some prod, while others will take a leap of faith and disregard all of the obvious warning signs and will merrily tuck into out-of-date food.

Lidl’s scored a victory but it’s a big loss for industry

Usually the opening of an extended supermarket is something to celebrate.

Although Rick loves the snow, he knows the reality can lead to treacherous conditions

RICK JACKSON: The reality may be treacherous but there’s nothing I’d like more than a white Christmas

I was very close to de-friending a few people on Facebook this week as images of them tobogganing and building snowmen clogged my profile page.


Inspiring Tim shows you can reach for the stars

When astronaut Tim Peake tells you to reach for the stars, you listen.

Zella believes there is too much pressure on women to look the 'right way'                   Shutterstock

ZELLA COMPTON: Men – educate yourselves about what feminism really is. Stop being so frightened.

Right about the time you’re reading this, I will hopefully be in the Houses of Parliament.

Murray Jacobsen says America's gun laws should be tightened

STUDENT SHOUT: ‘America is great – the problem is its gun laws’ by Murray Jacobsen

There is no denying that there is a problem with guns in America, even if some Americans won’t admit it.

NEWS COMMENT: If we want the police, we’ll have to pay for them

NEWS COMMENT: If we want the police, we’ll have to pay for them

EVERY year, when it comes to discussing the setting of the rates for the next 12 months’ council tax, the picture is rarely rosy.

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Clive Smith is disgusted that a priest said he hopes Prince George grows up to be gay  Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

CLIVE SMITH: What decade is this out-of-touch priest living in?

A senior minister with the Scottish Episcopal Church has said Christians should pray Prince George is gay.

The Howard family are expecting a new addition to the household - due just in time for the World Cup

KIERAN HOWARD: Our World Cup baby is set to arrive just in time for kick-off

Stop press, there’s some breaking news in the Howard household.

Until earlier this year, Lesley had a rather lovely fake white Christmas tree. It ended up in a skip...               (Shutterstock)

LESLEY KEATING: To fake or not to fake, that is the question

Christmas is nearing and we’re still not in our own home.

Cladding being removed from Horatia House and Leamington House earlier this year

COMMENT: A towering mistake to backtrack on fire safety

The inferno that claimed 71 lives at Grenfell Tower on June 14 horrified the nation and gave us one of 2017’s darkest hours.

Should eating be banned from cinemas and theatres? Verity doesn't think so   (Shutterstock)

VERITY LUSH: Popcorn in the cinema? What’s the problem?

There was a discussion on the radio today about whether or not people should eat snacks in the theatre or cinema.

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