CLIVE SMITH: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about Valentine’s Day

I always look forward to Christmas, Halloween and even Easter. With a few days’ leave and the bank holidays you can get a decent amount of time off work – but Valentine’s Day leaves me cold. This year was no different.


COMMENT: University has to prove it offers value for money

Any university student, and any parent with a child at university, might emit a little groan of disbelief at our front-page story today.

Dame Vivienne Westwood's global empire has come under fire for saving money by hiring unpaid interns. Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire

LESLEY KEATING: You can be paid way beyond financially as an intern

I was reading a newspaper on holiday when something made my blood boil. And it wasn’t the warm, sunny weather.


COMMENT: All agencies must to held to account for Anne Savidge’s tragic death

Dignity in death is a concept we all hold dear. Nobody could bear to see a loved one suffer in their final weeks or days, and, should it ever cross our minds, we all hope that when our time comes, it will be peaceful and painless.

Was he chosen because he 'looked the part'? Wilfrid Brambell as Albert Steptoe

VERITY LUSH: Wanted – one rat-faced, toothless, wizened actor

When watching TV, we assume actors have been chosen because they ‘look the part’.


A worldwide problem that we can all help to solve

Images of turtles and whales entangled in plastic waste far out in the oceans have become embedded in the public consciousness and spurred a new determination to halt the tide of pollution swamping our planet.

Cheeky chappie - Prince Harry

CHERYL GIBBS: You don’t have to be a royalist to love the royal family these days

Another year and another royal documentary down.

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Recognising contributions to society

One of the big events coming up in Chichester is the ceremony in which Tim Peake will be granted the Freedom of the City.

Trunks are compulsory when swimming in French public pools

BLAISE TAPP: The thought of mandatory budgie smugglers makes my blood run cold

There have been colder winters than this one, but I would wager that not quite as many have dragged on as long.

COMMENT: Feeling blue? Here are a million reasons to cheer you

There are a million reasons why the people of Portsmouth should be walking just that bit taller today.

Man-flu: women just don't get it...

RICK JACKSON: I swapped fine French wine for Lemsip – now that’s Man-Flu

As we all know, Man-Flu has now been clinically proven and yours truly is currently suffering a nasty bout of it.


COMMENT: So important to keep books available for borrowing

Aren’t libraries a wonderful thing? Places packed with books of all kinds and music of all tastes that you can borrow free of charge as long as you take them back in good time.

Lost in space the Tesla car before blast off. Picture: SpaceX/Elon Musk

ZELLA COMPTON: Space, the final frontier... for corporate litterbugs

While we’re still discovering how much we’ve polluted the oceans because we let our governments allow big business to ride roughshod over the voices of scientists about the effects plastic would have on the environment, how is it right that we’re celebrating a massive littering?


COMMENT: If we can’t use commonsense then a stick is needed

Few things raise the hackles faster or fill The News’s inbox quicker than when we report on traffic and parking matters.

A true representation of Britain or an embarrassment?

CLIVE SMITH: Streets should be cleared of homeless for royal wedding

Much to the dismay of many, the leader of Windsor council, who called on police to remove rough sleepers ahead of the royal wedding has survived a vote of confidence by councillors.

Opinion 3

COMMENT: Tea factory’s move exposes Portsmouth’s problem of student flats

This isn’t the first time we have had cause to write about student accommodation in Portsmouth, and we fear it will not be the last. But sadly, we again must bewail the planning system we are currently lumbered with concerning student flats.

Picture: Shutterstock

LESLEY KEATING: Valentine’s Day always seemed sweeter as a teenager

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day – a day when thoughts turn to love, chocolate consumption hits an all-time high, roses reach crazily inflated prices and you can’t get a table to eat anywhere more exotic than McDonalds if you haven’t booked at least a month in advance.

Work on a separate sea defences project in Eastney has been taking place in the last few months

NEWS COMMENT: Let’s draw a line under the Southsea sea defences row and try again

What a mess the seafront flood defences imbroglio has become – and thank goodness the whole business has been paused for a while.

Many's the time Verity Lush heard the clang of breakdown doom  Picture: Shutterstock

VERITY LUSH: Buy cheap, buy twice – especially when it comes to cars

There is one thing that is sure to strike fear and misery into the hearts of many drivers, and that is the clang of breakdown doom.


COMMENT: The health of mum and baby must come first

Queen Alexandra Hospital’s decision to ban under-16s from all ultrasound scans appears on the face of it to be a little harsh. We all know expectant mums are keen to share their scan with brothers or sisters of the impending new arrival.

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