TV Choice: Five to download or stream this week

Neil Young in Paradox on Netflix.Neil Young in Paradox on Netflix.
Neil Young in Paradox on Netflix.
I've been to the future! And they beam TV straight into your brain! But for now we have to deal with little black boxes. Here's the choice from Saturday March 24..

BBC Three: Wannabe

Mother of two, Maxine Hancock (Lily Brazier) is a highly successful music manager, or so she keeps telling herself. The reality is that she never made it to the big time as part of teenage pop band Variety and now finds herself in a new crisis.

Sky Box Sets: Strike Back: Series 1-6

The latest episodes see the elite MI6 unit consisting of Daniel MacPherson, Warren Brown, Roxanne McKee, Nina Sosanya and Alin Sumarwata take on more high risk missions to combat terrorists, mob bosses and ruthless arms dealers across the globe. From Wednesday.

Amazon Video: The Big Sick

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Academy Award nominee, heart-warming, hit comedy from producer Judd Apatow. The Big Sick is based on the real-life courtship between Pakistan-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani (Nanjiani) and grad student Emily Gordon (Zoe Kazan) who fall in love but struggle while dealing with Emily’s mysterious illness.

Netflix: Paradox

A fantasy, a loud poem and a free-spirited tale of music and love, Paradox is a one-of-a-kind personal expression. Sometime in the future past, the "Man in the Black Hat" (Neil Young), the "Particle Kid" (Micah Nelson), “Jail Time" (Lukas Nelson) and a ragged band of cowboys and outlaws hide high up in the Mountains.

They pass the hours searching for treasure while they wait for the full moon to lend its magic, bring the music and make the spirits fly. Vibrating with original music by Young + Promise of the Real, Paradox furthers the legacy of an iconic performer who has always broken the rules.

Sky Cinema: Despicable Me 3 (2017, Sky U)

It’s all going on in this trilogy-making chapter of the blockbuster animation series.

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Felonious Gru (voiced, as ever, by Steve Carell) and wife Lucy (Kristen Wiig) quickly get the boot from crime-fighting group the Anti-Villain League when they botch their pursuit of one Balthazar Bratt (South Park’s Trey Parker), an 80s child star who goes about his nefarious ways while rocking shoulder pads and a keytar gun.

Still, there’s no time for licking wounds. When news filters through that Gru has a long-lost twin brother – Carell puling double duty – it’s time to ship off to Freedonia for a family reunion. Minions team Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda direct.

Sky Cinema on demand and Sky Cinema Premiere from Saturday.

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