A transforming, E-learning boost for your small business

An Extra-Ordinary Business stands out by paying attention to the detail whilst keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

How to transform your business into an extra-ordinary business. Discover how to enable your business to reach its full potential
How to transform your business into an extra-ordinary business. Discover how to enable your business to reach its full potential

An Extra-Ordinary Business isn’t content with just satisfying its customers, it goes the extra mile to astonish and amaze them.

And yet, any business large or small, in today’s highly competitive environment that is standing still is in effect, going backwards.

Numerous press reports over the last couple of years show businesses of all sizes are struggling to survive following the ravages of the recent covid pandemic. Add to this the impact of a highly uncertain economic environment, with fast-rising inflation, energy and fuel costs, employment costs set to go up from April 2022 and the continued Brexit difficulties, it’s no wonder businesses are facing some real survival issues.

For this reason Extra-Ordinary Business a community interest company, which is essentially not-for-profit, and led by Dennis Foster MBA, Chartered Manager and e-learning development specialist, have created a new, innovative e-learning programme specifically targeted at small business owner-managers and the entrepreneurial adventurer community to guide them in overcoming these difficult and challenging times.

The programme design is unique in featuring a range of learning enhancements including accelerated learning, narrative learning and reflective learning.

This Extra-Ordinary Business Growth and Performance Improvement Learning program has been termed a learning Journey as learners embark on a journey of exploration to discover the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to transform an ordinary business beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established into a business, that is sustainable, customer centric, and focused. Sustainable extra-ordinary businesses have a mission, governance, and management structure that protects the brand and is designed to last beyond any one person, shareholder, or product.

The learning journey leads towards identifying what is thought to be a first ever attempt at establishing the main principles and best practice in each subject area needed to create and sustain an extra-ordinary business that displays to customers and employees alike the characteristics of extra-ordinary management and leadership.

Many small business owner-managers may find taking time out of their busy working day schedule to learn is just not possible, but this unique and exciting learning journey is accessible 24/7 and each learner can self-pace their access to the learning materials at times that is most convenient for them.

About the course

A practical curriculum which features:

Six video facilitated online two-hour sessions

12 hours of self-directed learning support to help develop your own business growth plan

Peer networking, including a Blog to provide you the opportunity to share experiences with a small group of other small business leaders

Access to the Alumni Network featuring events with inspirational speakers, business clinics and networking events

Why enrol?

The small business owner-manager and entrepreneurial adventurer community is huge, with around 5.7 million businesses registered in the UK. Around 15 million adults are employed in this sector but, the rate of business failure, which has increased dramatically over the last 2 years is concerning.

More than at any time in this century, upskilling and refreshing the learning you already have now is a necessary part in acquiring critical thinking skills, discovering new ways of doing what you have always done but differently, more efficiently, more effectively and more economically.

Every person and every business has their share of ups and downs, and Mr foster is no stranger to that. One thing that would have helped him along the way is more training.

"My recent reflections revealed that had I known then, what I know now about small business management and in particular strategic planning it is entirely possible that by now, my wife and I would be millionaires many times over."

It is his knowledge, and experiences, which have brought him to this point – wanting to share that learning with others.

“If you are a small business owner, or you know someone who is, we firmly recommend you consider enrolling on this exciting learning journey and gain that extra-ordinary business know-how,” said Mr Foster.

To sign up for the programme or for more information take a look here.