Binley Mega Chippy: Why is it so popular, did it go viral on TikTok, where is it, why are police issuing advice to visitors and why did a group from Portsmouth go there?

CROWDS gathering at a chip shop that went viral on TikTok have been issued advice by police.

Monday, 6th June 2022, 4:15 pm

Binley Mega Chippy, based in Coventry, has become a social media sensation.

Customers have been travelling from across the UK, and the world, to sample its food – even from Portsmouth.

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Binley Mega Chippy: Portsmouth diner says eight-hour round-trip to TikTok cult C...

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Fencer Josh Perks, 18, made an eight-hour round trip from Portsmouth with two of his friends to ‘see what the fuss was about’.

He said: ‘We just thought it would be a laugh.

‘It was great fun, there was a bit of a party atmosphere going on.

‘I don't think the staff there can get their heads around what is really going on.’

Customers L-R Jake, Tom and Josh from Portsmouth eating their chips outside Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry. Picture: SWNS.

Videos and memes of the premises caught everyone’s attention, attracting millions of views.

Even the police have had to issue guidance in response to the craze.

Here is everything you need to know about Binley Mega Chippy, how it got its popularity, and what officers have had to do in response.

Where is Binley Mega Chippy?

Customers L-R Jake, Tom and Josh from Portsmouth eating their chips outside Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry. Picture: SWNS.

The business with a strong TikTok following is based in Binley, Coventry.

People have travelled from afar as Australia, Portugal, and France – as well as from across Britain.

Why is it so popular?

The reason for the West Midlands chippy becoming world-famous in a matter of days remains unclear, but a catchy fan-made jingle was shared repeatedly on TikTok.

Customers queuing outside Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry. Picture: SWNS

A video of a slideshow showing pictures of the takeaway was posted on the platform.

In the background, someone was singing ‘Binley Mega Chippy’ to the tune of ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow’.

The catchy tune caught on with TikTok users, with thousands of videos being made using the background music.

Thousands more have documented their visit to the chippy since it became viral.

Why have the police issued advice to visitors?

West Midlands Police said due to devotees travelling to Binley Mega Chippy, officers have to regularly check the area.

They advised customers to drive and park safely, while keeping noise at a minimum and to make use of the nearby litter bins.

The force also said its officers had been supported by council staff and the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Transport operators such as Avanti West Coast trains have even posted update routes on how to get there.

Since it when viral, young people have been seen outside singing the theme tune while they wait to sample the £4.99 Morbius meal of fish, chips, and mushy peas.

Binley Mega Chippy first opened in 2004, and it changed ownership eight months ago.

It is now run by Kamal Gandhi.