Energy: Can I still submit a meter reading today? Is it too late to submit a meter reading? Why should I submit a meter reading? Why has Martin Lewis been blamed for Eon website crashing? What if I can't submit a meter reading?

PEOPLE have been asked across the UK to submit meter readings.

Friday, 1st April 2022, 9:27 am

Energy experts were encouraging everyone to submit a meter reading by today, as certain changes would take place.

Eon’s website has crashed due to the sheer demand from customers.

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Here is why you should:

Why should I submit meter readings?

Energy prices are due to increase substantially for households in England, Scotland and Wales.

UK residents have been asked to submit meter readings today. Picture: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images.

People who do not have a smart meter were advised to submit readings yesterday, showing their gas and electricity usage.

This is in a bid to save money on household bills ahead of the cost hike.

Taking a reading and informing your energy supplier of the results shows them how much gas and electricity you are using.

Martin Lewis and other money saving figures have urged people to follow this advice.

This is to avoid being charged April energy rates for your usage in March.

Although energy costs will increase regardless, these figures will be more accurate than any estimated statistics.

Why are bills going up?

The global price of gas has increased dramatically increased, with the conflict between Russian and Ukraine often being used as the reason why.

Even though the UK does not rely as much on Russia for gas, other countries do, so wholesale costs are rising sharply.

Increased demand post-pandemic has also increased energy usage.

How much could my bills go up by?

Ofgem have risen the energy price cap today.

Price caps are usually reviewed every six months, with another increase expected in October.

Describing how this works, Martin Lewis wrote on his website: ‘The price cap doesn't cap the total you pay - it caps the rates you pay.

‘The price cap only applies to standard variable (default) tariffs - though most homes are now on these. The cap is regional and dictates the rates you pay.’

He added energy companies, including British Gas, Eon and Scottish Power, have hiked the caps to the maximum allowed.

Roughly, those on default tariffs could see an increase of almost £700.

It is also estimated households on prepayment plans will see a larger increase.

Their price cap is increasing by £708 from £1,309 to £2,017.

How can I take a meter reading and send the it to my energy company?

A digital electricity meter has five numbers in black and white, and a single number in red.

You need to write down the first five figures, and ignore the sixth in red.

If you have a two rate digital meter, write down all the numbers in black and white, from right to left, and ignore the red figures.

All the information can be sent to an energy company their a website, app, or over the phone.

A full break down on how to take a gas reading, and how to send figures, can be found on Citizens Advice here.

What if I can’t submit a meter reading?

Many energy company websites are crashing as result of people rushing to use them.

People are also experiencing difficulties receiving customer service help via phone and apps.

Some energy companies, including Bulb, have a courtesy window, allowing you to submit readings after a deadline.

If this is not the case, you can take a clearly visible photo of your meter reading and meter serial number and submit it later, according to the BBC.

Some companies, such as Shell, have implemented an emergency bypass measure, so customers can still log a ticket if they are having issues accessing their website.

Can I still submit a meter reading? Is it too late?

Meter readings can still be sent to energy companies today.

Even though the price cap has gone up today, sending those statistics will still give a more accurate picture of what you use.

If you have a smart meter, Mr Lewis advised customers to take a photo of it, so you have evidence of your daily usage.

On Twitter, Martin Lewis advised people on what to do if they could not submit a reading yesterday.

He said: ‘If you can't get to do a meter reading today, do it tomorrow, or Sunday, or Monday.

‘The nearer to today you do it the less chance of mis-estimates, so don't panic about missing it (either through your own or the firm's issue).

‘Just get it in as soon as you can.’

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