Here is how shelves are holding up at Tesco, Asda and Lidl in Portsmouth amid fears of shortages

The carbon dioxide shortages could lead to empty supermarket shelves, but three Portsmouth supermarkets are holding up so far.

By Freddie Webb
Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 6:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 6:36 pm

This latest issue to hamper supermarkets – along with a lack of HGV drivers and farm labourers – could lead to many sections of shops being empty, according to managing director of Iceland Richard Walker.

Soaring gas prices worldwide have resulted in two US owned fertiliser plants to shut down last week, which supplied the UK with 60 per cent of it’s carbon dioxide.

These prices have risen by 250 per cent since January, alongside a 70 per cent increase since August.


The subsequent scarcity of CO2 is set to affect the production of ingredients and chilled foods, as well as other parts such as the meat and poultry industry.

With Halloween around the corner and Christmas in the back of many peoples minds, the demand to stock up for major events couldn’t be higher in the coming months, so a potential shortfall could lead create a multitude problems for shoppers.

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Here is when food shortages could hit supermarkets, according to Iceland boss

Certain products might become unavailable or businesses might offset these problems with price rises.


But from scouring the shelves of three major supermarkets so far, these issues have yet to hit customers.

Asda’s store at the Bridge Shopping Centre in Fratton had most of their produce and canned goods available.

A few areas in the fresh fruit section were bare and certain brands of canned chopped tomatoes were sparse, but shelves of vegetables, prepared foods and packaged meat were stocked to the gills.


This is a good sign for people looking to do their weekly shop, as they seem to be unaffected so far by a severe lack of choice.

There is a similar outlook at Lidl on Goldsmith Avenue, Southsea.

Most of the dairy fridges and vegetable sections, which are usually hit the hardest by the lack of supply, were fully stocked.

Fresh and processed meats also filled the fridges and a wide range of fruit was available.

Some of the things missing however were certain types of bread and brown sugar, though these items were listed to be restocked.

The sprawling Tesco Extra on Fratton Way is also yet to show signs of being affected by the food shortages.

Most of the loose fruit and vegetables, including avocados, were all there but some products were completely out of stock.

Medium whole chickens and certain types of pasta were missing but dates were given for when they would return.

Overall, the fears of barren supermarket shelves and severe shortages have yet to be releasied – for now at least.

However that could change in the coming days and weeks.

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