Photographer documents lockdown life on the doorstep in aid of Acts of Kindness charity

Evie Matthews, pictured by James Anderson of Outside and Instant PhotographyEvie Matthews, pictured by James Anderson of Outside and Instant Photography
Evie Matthews, pictured by James Anderson of Outside and Instant Photography | Other 3rd Party
PHOTOGRAPHER James Anderson is hoping to bring some happiness to people’s doorsteps with his latest initiative to document lockdown life.

James, from Lee-on-the-Solent, runs photography firm Outside and Instant Photography, which he set up with his wife Charlotte four years ago when he left the Army.

The couple, who have 11-year old daughter Caitlin, are normally busy with weddings and events at this time of year but due to the coronavirus lockdown, they have had to think of new ways to stay in business.

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Teaming up with Portsmouth-based photographer Jen Althorpe, also known as The Great Little Photographer, they have set up the Doorstep Photography project, capturing people at their homes from a safe 2m distance.

James AndersonJames Anderson
James Anderson | Other 3rd Party

As well as documenting lockdown life, the project is giving people the chance to capture precious moments at a cheap rate - and half of the money raised is going to Fareham and Gosport charity Acts of Kindness.

James, 38, said: ‘It is important to document different points in your life, so you can look back and see what you were doing at that time, and it is important to have an image, something tactile that you can keep.’

The project only started this week and so far five families have taken part, including one with an eight week old baby who had not been able to have any professional photos taken yet.

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James said: ‘We are social distancing the whole time. The lens we use is a long lens so we are nowhere near the people. Everyone has been happy with their photos so far. They have been happy to see someone else and to speak to somebody. It has been very positive.

Natalie Matthews with her familyNatalie Matthews with her family
Natalie Matthews with her family | Other 3rd Party

‘Our business has been struggling, same as everyone else, so we are doing what everyone else is doing and trying to think of ways that we can survive and still be in business when this is all over.’

The shoots - which James is doing across Fareham and Gosport - cost £20, with £10 going to charity, and include five digital images.

James, who is originally from Gosport but travelled the world with his former armed forces role, said: ‘Acts of Kindness is doing an amazing job and we wanted to do something positive to help them. They have taken over the food banks in Fareham and Gosport and volunteers have been running errands getting prescriptions and helping others. Half of the money is going to them as they work so hard.’

For more or to take part go to Outside and Instant Photography on Facebook.