Residents say accidents near new McDonald's are inevitable

PEOPLE are risking their lives crossing a dual-carriageway to get to a new McDonald's in Waterlooville.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th December 2016, 6:16 am
Updated Saturday, 17th December 2016, 9:41 am

Residents in Hambledon Road says lives could be lost if steps aren’t taken.

And they are unhappy about other issues, including litter, a foul smell, and noise from the restaurant.

Elaine Langford, a retired resident of Hambledon Road, said: ‘Our main concern is that people are using the drop-curbs to cross the dual carriageway.

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‘They think because the drop-curbs are there, and the footpath to get into McDonald’s is just over on the other side, that it’s a crossing – but it’s not.

‘ There will be an accident because you can’t see what traffic is coming round the corner.’

Ms Langford said she has spoken to Havant borough councillor Paul Buckley about her concerns, but has not heard back yet.

Residents are annoyed about the smell of ‘stale beef and chip fat’ that they say seeps into their houses.

Ms Langford added: ‘The council told us we should’ve had a letter to inform us the building was going to be two-storey, but myself and the other residents I’ve spoken to didn’t get them, otherwise we would have objected.’

Fellow resident Dave Siggery said: ‘The golden rule when you’re building is not to push pedestrians into live traffic, but that’s what’s happening.

‘We got a teacher at Hart Plain School to ask the kids not to cross the road where they shouldn’t, because we’ve seen it happening.’

The plan for the drive-through restaurant – developed by Hargreaves – was approved by Havant Borough Council in July.

It said: ‘Prior to planning permission being granted for this McDonald’s we consulted with the public by sending letters to residents affected and placing notices around the site. We have not received any formal complaints from residents.

‘They can contact the council through our website or by calling (023) 9244 6019.’

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said they strongly urge people to use the safe crossing situated further up the road, nearer to Sainsbury’s.

They would like any 
resident with fears to get in touch with its team directly.