The Southsea restaurant dedicated to providing the best hot dogs with a bang

MOVE over bespoke burgers and artisan pizzas and get ready for fancy dogz’.

By Millie Salkeld
Friday, 25th January 2019, 10:48 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:03 pm
Chef, Frankie Fisher and Echo Stone. Picture: Keith Woodland (190119-9)
Chef, Frankie Fisher and Echo Stone. Picture: Keith Woodland (190119-9)

When couple James and Echo Stone, along with sister Joanna, decided  to start their own restaurant there was only one concept that grabbed their attention and that led to the creation of Bangerz ‘n’ Brewz.

James said: ‘We had previously helped friends open food businesses and we wanted to start our own.

‘When it came to concept we absolutely loved how in different states in America you got such different hot dogs and there is no restaurant dedicated to dogs like there is burgers.

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Chef, Frankie Fisher and Echo Stone. Picture: Keith Woodland (190119-9)

‘Usually on menus you might get one or two but only with different toppings but ours are different sausages, breads and sauces as well and most of our produce comes from within a few miles with a butcher and baker delivering everything fresh in the morning to us.’

The trio set out to find a space in Southsea having grown up in Portsmouth.

James said: ‘We wanted to all be based here with home life and work so we could look after our children. I was back and forth to London a lot and I wanted to spend more time with family.

‘When we found the place we wanted to completely redo it and it was really important to us that everything was local just like the majority of our food.

Hot dogs Bangerz 'n' Brewz Picture: Keith Woodland (190119-5)

‘We reclaimed a lot of things from places around Portsmouth and we have metal cage work that was used in the 1970s in dockyard buildings.’

Carrying on their local theme, the ‘brewz’ side of the business includes Staggeringly Good brewery which is just two miles up the road in Fratton.

James said: ‘I would say the brewery is my second favourite place to drink as I now have to say my favourite place is my own bar but it was a no brainer to get their craft ales on the menu.’

Bangerz ‘n’ Brewz is on Victoria Road South and is open everyday 12pm until 10pm. 

Bangerz 'n' Brewz Picture: Keith Woodland (190119-1)